Best Wedding Cakes in Honolulu

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The tradition of the wedding cake dates back to the Roman Empire when a loaf of barley bread was broken over a bride’s head to symbolize her fertility. In modern times a wedding cake is an integral part of the reception décor and symbolizes the wedding couple’s unique personalities.

In many cities there is a large need for bakeries specializing in wedding cake design and Honolulu is no exception. With only a handful of establishments to choose from, brides to be can have a difficult time finding just the right baker to design the wedding cake of their dreams.

Here is a list of the best bakeries in Honolulu specializing in wedding cakes.

Serving Honolulu brides since 2008, Abigail Langlas, Cake Artist and Pastry Chef of “Cakeworks Bakery,” specializes in custom wedding cakes. With over 18 years of experience under her belt, Chef Abigail creates wedding cakes based on each customer’s innate style.

Located at 2820 South King Street, “Cakeworks Bakery” was the “Critics Choice Llima Award Winner of 2008” and the “Bride’s Choice Award Winner for 2010,” which has proved it to be one of the best bakeries in Honolulu.

Regardless of a bride’s style, personality, or taste, “Cakeworks Bakery” has a vast array of flavors to choose from. For the traditional bride, buttermilk with a hint of cocoa powder, layered with the signature white chocolate cream cheese frosting, makes up a “Red Velvet” cake that is not only traditional but delicious. For the unique, layers of chocolate butter cake, filled with chocolate ganache, coffee butter cream, and crushed macadamia nut brittle makes up the deliciously exceptional “Mocha Macadamia” cake. With so many to choose from brides will certainly find the cake of their dreams.

In addition to wedding cake, “Cakeworks Bakery” offers a decadent selection of specialty cakes, gourmet desserts, cupcakes, cookies, and small delicacies that will satisfy the pickiest of customers.

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Being recognized as one of the “Best Bakeries in Hawaii” by “The Honolulu Advertiser,” as well as being featured in many local and Japanese publications, has earned “Hokulani Bake Shop” a great reputation throughout the Honolulu area and beyond.

Located at 900 Fort Street in the Pioneer Plaza, “Hokulani Bake Shop” has been serving customers for the past 5 years. Known for their delicious desserts inspired by the beauty and nature of Hawaii, “Hokulani Bake Shop” uses 100% real butter and sugar, excluding any hydrogenated oils when making their desserts, which has made it one of the best bakeries in Honolulu.

“Hokulani Bake shop” puts a unique twist on their desserts by creating a wedding cake consisting solely of cupcakes. Doing this showcases the class, elegance, and creativity of the artist that created the item and is another reason why this establishment is so popular with brides to be.

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“Great to work with,” “flexible with our design,” and “a true talent,” are phrases former clients used to describe their experience with Kristin, the owner of “A Cake Life.”

Located on the island of Oahu, “A Cake Life” is able to accommodate any cake idea. Whether traditional, simple, elegant, or unique, “A Cake Life” can design the perfect wedding cake to match any bride’s dream.

Rated in 2010 by “Wedding” and receiving rave reviews from former clients, has earned “A Cake Life” great popularity and is one of the best bakeries in Honolulu.

By offering delicious flavors such as “Vanilla Chocolate Marble,” “Orange Dreamsicle,” “Pretty Pink Strawberry,” and “Chocolate Amaretto,” “A Cake Life” is a dessert lover’s paradise and is highly favored with Honolulu brides and the community.

In addition to wedding cake, “A Cake Life” is also known for special occasion cakes such as anniversary, birthday, holiday, and graduation, as well as decadent cupcakes for those that just want a little snack.

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Committed to providing the highest level of personal service and quality workmanship, Kathy Mahone, owner of “Aloha Cakery,” finds it a privilege to be part of the wedding cake experience as she has been baking and designing cakes since 1992.

Being recognized as one of the top wedding professionals by “Wedding,” has earned “Aloha Cakery” the “Bride’s Choice Award 2010” proving it to be one of the best bakeries in Honolulu.

By offering an impressive variety of cake designs and flavors such as coconut, almond, and lemon; just to name a few, has earned “Aloha Cakery” an impeccable reputation and much deserved praise from brides and the community as a whole.

Being highly comparable to its competitors, “Aloha Cakery” is the place to go when wanting high quality cake at an affordable price.

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Because a wedding cake is a very important centerpiece of the wedding day, hiring any one of these bakeries will ensure brides a gorgeous and delicious confection that they’ll be proud to showcase on their special day.


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