How to Shift Your Vibrations to Attract Your True Desires

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If you have any trouble using the Law of Attraction in your life, there are good chances that it is because your vibrations do not match what you wish for. This article will show you how to shift your vibrations instantly so that you can attract and create whatever it is that you desire.

You must first understand that everything in our universe vibrates at different levels. In fact, everything is a vibration. Light is vibration, sound is vibration and the same goes with colours.

The colour blue vibrates at a different level than the colour red. That’s because they have a different frequency. Our eyes pick up that frequency and then our brain decodes it so that we can distinguish those different colours.

So what does this have to do with the Law of Attraction? Well, if you already know a bit how to use this Law, you know that the first step is to think of what you want and get emotionally involved with it.

The key is that our thoughts and emotions are also vibrations. When you send out your order to the Universe, your thoughts and emotions vibrate at a certain frequency. By Law, what you wish for will come back to you as long as there is a vibrational match. That’s how the Universe responds.

If your vibrations during most of the day are low, that means if you feel negative emotions like anger, fear, guilt, doubt, worry, jealousy or hatred then you will only receive more of these lower vibrations. These emotions will only pull you further away from your desires.

To get closer to your true desires, you have to vibrate at a higher level. You do that by feeling positive emotions like love, faith, enthusiasm, gratitude and joy. When you feel those emotions, your vibrations are higher and it is much easier to attract whatever you want.

The crucial point to shift your vibrations is to become aware of them. Do your best to notice your feelings throughout the day. Whenever you feel a negative emotion, think immediately about something that makes you feel good.

It can be anything: a beautiful scenery, a baby laughing, a hot towel around your body or even better: you having received or accomplished your true desire. By changing positively your emotions in the moment, you vibrate at a higher level and you get closer to whatever you wish for. That’s what you can do from now on if you have any trouble manifesting what you want by applying the Law of Attraction.

This is very powerful and is only the tip of the iceberg. If you really want to take complete control of your life, there are many more ways to help you become aware of your negative emotions and replace them for good with positive ones.

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