McDonald’s Stars in 30 Rock

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I’m a big fan of the television show “30 Rock” on NBC.  I try to tune in every week.  Now, understand, I am not a huge fan of television to begin with.  Thursday night is the only time of the week I actually watch television.  The Office and 30 Rock are the only television shows I watch.  In order for me to follow a television show, it has to be a really great series.

30 Rock is a witty satirical anomaly of a television producer, writer, some actors, and a page.  It includes sophisticated adult humor nuanced with irony.  That being said, the episode that aired originally on February 12, 2009, was an inexcusable train wreck.

Quite frankly, the humor was muted, at best, behind a giant pile of corporate sponsorship feces.  During the opening credits, they would have done well to add in, “Guest Starring McDonalds”.  Obvious product placement bothers me.  Overly obvious product placement is downright offensive.  I would have expected more from Lorne Michaels and Tina Fey.

Come on guys.  I know times are tough.  Advertiser revenue is down across the board.  But does that mean integrity should be thrown into the dumpster at the mercy of McDonalds?  For a show written about television writers, one would think the McDonalds sponsorship could have been written in a someone less obvious manner.


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