Vitamins And Minerals That Lower Blood Sugar

The importance of minerals is widely known across the globe. The vast number of people suffering from diabetes is also high and our body needs plenty of vitamins and minerals to help patients who are diagnosed with the disease.



There are several minerals with help treat diabetes. The most important mineral you will find is Chromium. The reason why it is so important is because the job involves turning carbohydrates into glucose and making the hormone Insulin.

It has been discovered that due to Chromium, the Insulin works correctly and without the mineral, Insulin will not function.

What foods contain Chromium?

Many foods contain Chromium. But a few mentioned below are:

• Nuts

• Cheese

• Whole grains

• Mushrooms


Vanadium acts like Insulin itself. This may be the reason why this mineral is a great importance in tackling diabetes. It also helps build up bones and teeth but the mineral is mainly for plants and animals. Researchers do not find Vanadium to be a necessary mineral for humans apart for diabetes.


This mineral helps maintain the level of Glucose. It is another important element to not only help diabetic patients, but for growth and bones. Epilepsy and anoxia can also be treated by Manganese.

Some foods that contain Manganese are:

• Whole grain cereals

• Nuts



Magnesium is an important mineral for Hypoglycaemic due to the help it gives in digesting sugar, starches and fats. Magnesium also helps keep the blood sugar balanced. Magnesium is also helpful in producing stomach acid and the digestive enzymes.

Foods that contain Magnesium are:

• Whole grain

• Nuts

• Seeds

• Cocoa milk

• Green vegetables

• Sea food


This mineral is essential for a good release of Insulin. Zinc has other functions including energy metabolism growth. Beware that many foods lose most if it’s Zinc when the food is processed.


Vitamins are also another important element that the body needs. Vitamins help the body’s digestive system which means the chance of tolerating low Glucose levels is high.

Vitamin C

People who suffer from diabetes have low levels of Vitamin C in their body. It is strongly recommended that those who suffer should eat at least 1-3 grams a day of Vitamin C. Vitamin C has been proved to improve Glucose Tolerance in people who suffer Type-2 diabetes.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is vital to maintain the levels of Insulin in the blood. Studies have found that Vitamin D increases Insulin levels in those who suffer from diabetes. Beware that it is given in low doses as it could be harmful if high levels remain.


There is a pretty good list of minerals and Vitamins that help diabetic patients. There are more Vitamins that are available such as Vitamin B12 and Vitamin E. Stay well!

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