The Controversial Bill 183

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         The primary function of a marriage is for procreation, and marriage is exclusively between a man and a woman. Homosexuality is a lifestyle choice, and is wrong. I believe this is a misinterpretation of the meaning and purpose of marriage, and almost totally opposite of the biology of the species known as human beings. This also indicates ignorance as to the source of homosexual behavior.

        Marriage is a social institution between two consenting adults. Recognition of same sex couples is not an enlargement of this meaning. Being gay does not mean you cannot love someone else and want to commit to them for life. A common criticism of gay relationships is that they are promiscuous and fleeting. A civil union between a gay couple invokes the same legal and social obligations as a male/female couple, as well as the same benefits. By denying this right, you may be actually encouraging more promiscuous behavior. The success or failure of the marriage is more dependent on the commitment of the couple than their gender.

        Frequently, the argument against recognizing same sex unions is that same sex unions cannot be marriages because they cannot lead to reproduction. If this were true, then couples who choose not to have children or physically cannot have children cannot be in a “real” marriage. These are situations in which there can be no propagation of children, therefore these must be unnatural unions. I find this reasoning to be faulty and offensive.

          A marriage is an emotional and mental commitment between two adults. Sex gives physical re-enforcement to this bonding. It is a natural and beautiful part of being human. If the only reason for sex were propagation, then women should not be able to achieve orgasm, as this is not necessary for reproduction to take place. Having sex only for reproduction seems more of a misuse of a natural function than having sex with someone because you love them.

             The history of our species indicates that we have been successful at reproducing and populating the planet without monogamous relationships. In his book “The Third Chimpanzee”, noted professor and author Jared Diamond suggests a zoologist from outer space could, just by observing our external anatomy, determine that human beings are mildly polygynous, meaning it is our nature to have multiple sexual partners.  In other words, our biology dictates that we are not monogamous. Monogamous marriage may have been invented in an attempt to counteract this natural tendency of multiple partners, and limit humans to one partner for life. Proponents of marriage may make the claim that this is humanity rising above our “animal” instincts. While this may or may not be desirable, one thing is clear. It is not the natural biological state for human beings.  

           Finally, homosexuality has been shown to have a genetic component. It is not simply a lifestyle choice. It does not prevent the person from loving another person and wanting to commit to that person. Other traits, such as skin color and gender, are also determined by genetics. The assertion that “normal” people don’t share your genetic traits, are wrong, and shouldn’t be allowed all societal benefits is extremely prejudicial and reasoning that would be accepted in the deep southern US in the early sixties or in Nazi Germany. It has no place in a more enlightened society today.

            I believe it is only a matter of time before same sex marriage in our country will be implemented. I think most people are in favor of unions, if not full marriages for same sex couples. Denying same sex couples the opportunity to join legally is denying them an important part of their humanity. 


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