Is Sex Morally A Good Thing?

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Most people would argue that sex is a very good thing indeed. There are even passages in the Bible, the Song of Songs in particular, which celebrate it. When God created Eve as a companion for Adam, the chances are He was planning something more than just good conversation. So if sex is a good thing, why does it so often lead to trouble?

Everything we are born with can be used for good or evil. Although we were created with all good intent, the freedoms God gave us include the freedom to go our own way and create mischief whenever we please. For sex to be a genuinely good thing, we need to get back in touch with our own good intentions. If we care nothing for others, whether we cause them pain or not, and we add sex to the mix, we end up with something quite sinister and damaging. Sex, like all the earthly appetites, can grow in its capacity for satisfaction. Our appetites are not like empty buckets which know when they are full. They are like a bucket which, as fast as it is filled, grows to consume more the next time. And if we continue to fill the bucket as it grows, it will continue to grow till it has reached a point when we can no longer fill it fast enough.

The only way to bring these sort of desires under control is with stern self-discipline. Always leave the bucket half empty. That way you control its capacity. The reason why fasting is such a good thing is because it reverses the normal trend, denies the body its bad habits. If you think sex is taking over your life, try being celibate for a while. Not only is temporary celibacy a powerful way to improve your sex life once it is resumed, it also ensures that you stay in control of your appetite.

Faith helps to give you control. By introducing good moral values, in other words building up your good intentions, you control the good times and not the other way round. That way, you can indulge your cravings and enjoy them without the worry of hurting anybody or hurting yourself. The time may even come, one day, when you realise those “good times” are not as important as you once thought.


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