Ano Ang Kahulugan in English

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Ano ang Kahulugan in English what is the meaning..

In the Philippines people were searching for the meaning of different tagalog terms. People were looking the meaning in Tagalog explanation and wordings. This keyword is highly search of students from Elementary, high school and colleges.

Here is the Example in Tagalog

Ano ang kahulugan ng prime meridian – what is prime meridian 

Ano ang Kahulugan ng kasaysayan – what is the meaning of the History in Tagalog

Ano ang Kahulugan ng heograpiya – what is geography in tagalog

Ano ang Kahulugan ng wika – what is Filipino dialect

Ano ang Kahulugan ng Ekonomiks – what is the meaning in economics

Ano ang Kahulugan ng Mapa – what is meaning of the map

Ano ang kahulugan ng Pabula – what is the meaning of Pabula

Ano ang kahulugan ng Panitikan – what is the panitikan

Ano ang kahulugan ng globo – what is globe meaning

Ano ang kahulugan ng teorya – what is the meaning of the theory

Ano ang kahulugan ng lipunan – what is the meaning of Lipunan

Other search term related to ano ang kahulugan




Araling panlipunan




Agham pampulitika


Ano ang kahulugan ng Maikling kuwento


These are the keywords related to ano ang kahulugan – in my findings a lot of people are looking for the meaning in tagalog. In the future I will make article related to this search queries.


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