Dream Crazy Blog 2010-08-03

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Tip of the Day:

The eventual goal of this dream blog is to start lucid dreaming frequently. I’m going to tell you the easiest way to start increasing your chances for a lucid dream. DILD (Dream Induced Lucid Dreaming) Is when the dreamer becomes aware they are dreaming during a dream. This can happen by something strange happening which causes the dreamer to question reality and become lucid. This could also happen by a failed reality check. Reality checking is a common technique amongst lucid dreamers. Reality checking is when you perform an action that may be impossible in real life or somehow distinctly different in a dream. For example, digital watches tend to act haywire in a dream, you can look at it once look away then look back and see a completely different time.  Another method is to plug your nose and try and breathe through it because in real life you obviously won’t be able to breathe but in a dream you will have no problems breathing, the same is true for breathing underwater in a dream.

Last night’s dream:

This dream was somewhat interesting. I didn’t achieve lucidity instead the dream was so normal feeling even after waking up it was hard to establish if it was a dream or an odd memory.

The first thing I remember is being told to go to this large skyscraper and knock on the door for some reason. So I do then I wait a few moments I hear someone yell ‘50’ at first it didn’t click till I looked aside to the doorbell panel which had 50 buttons and the top one was 50. I had to pull the egg shaped button out for room 50 which engaged an intercom I was greeted by an unhappy sounding man and a lady that sounded exactly like the promiscious mother in Two and a Half Men. I remember believing that I just interrupted some private time this guy was having with the woman on the intercom. I don’t remember turning to leave or replacing the egg button in fact there is a big space of time that is blacked out. The next thing I remember is lying in a bed in a dark room with a TV remote trying to change the TV channels on the big screen TV in front of me for something good to put me to sleep. The TV remote wasn’t very responsive often freezing up temporarily like my home TV. My dad was on a bed on the other side of the room watching the TV. This is interesting because this borders a real life memory which is why I must not have found anything strange thereby not questioning my reality.

Dream Analysis:

I believe the reason I didn’t become lucid was because my dream simply wasn’t that strange. Nothing physically impossible occurred and one part of my dream was borderline a memory.


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