The Color of Your Car And What It Says About You

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Just as your shoes have a story to tell about you, so does the color of your car. So let’s look at the interesting and sometimes strange things that your preferred color of car says about you.

RED – You choose a red car because it feels safe, practical, powerful and stable. You like to feel in control of your world, and having a red vehicle helps you to get that sense of control in a way. You tend to worry about doing things that aren’t practical, and you like a car that is sure to get you where you are going at a good pace.

GREEN – You are practical as well, but you’re not worried so much about price. You want something that is going to be comfortable and easy on the eyes. You enjoy getting the best deal for your vehicle and you expect a lot out of your green mobile.

YELLOW -You like to speed when you can get away with it, and you might be a bit accident prone. You’re not so great with your vehicle maintenance, but you have the money for repairs, so it’s not usually a big deal. You are a confident, and sometimes arrogant person, though you are also very brave and loyal.

BLUE – You are an honest person. You often like to turn the radio up and roll the window all the way down. You’re not so concerned with price or with the condition of your car, so long as it gets you where you need to go.

BLACK – You like luxury, especially in your vehicle. You also like to stand out and be noticed, if not by the color of your vehicle, by the sound of your squealing tires as you hit the freeway ramp.

WHITE – You like to be clean, and some might call you a neat freak. You prefer to keep juice, crackers and messy items out of your car, and are constantly heading to the car wash to make sure that dirt film gets off the vehicle ASAP.

GRAY – You don’t like to stick out, and you prefer a car that doesn’t look dirty all the time. In fact, you prefer to drive something that is tough and low maintenance. You often drive barefoot if you can, and if you can get it, you prefer a stick shift.

ORANGE – You’re bold, your balanced and your comfortable with who you are.  don’t mind people looking, though you don’t see yourself as a person who purposely likes to draw that kind of attention. You are comfortable with who you are, and that is the reason you stand out so much. Though the striking orange doesn’t hurt.

BROWN – You have a rich personality, and probably a good sense of humor too. You are modest, but not excessively and you don’t mind sacrificing color for quality.


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