Survive The Apocalypse With Less Than $50,000

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A company called “the Vivos Network” is a privately funded company that will give you a room in a bunker with enough food and supplies to last you for a year. They also provide you the supplies with which to return to the surface. But a year? That’s not very long is it? No it is a very short period of time. The planet will definitely not be haspitable in one measley year. Plus, in the event of a zombie apocalypse if you get one infected person he or she could infect the entire bunker (200 people).

You definetely don’t want a communal bunker, my plan, in essence is to dig a hole underneath a mobile home. I saw a mobile home (along with four acres) for $35,000 at this link It comes with several outbuildings. You will problably want to buy a solar generator (of electricity). Of course, you will want electricity. But if you don’t live in Tenesse (where this property is located you problably aren’t interested.

However, in the event of the end of the world I believe digging a hole in the ground ad crawling in it is the best way to survive! 🙂 I advise (only if you live in an area that will problably not get nuked) just diggin a hole an reinforcin it with some lumber. Keep it simple, but have some guns in stock. Have plenty of supplies. Maybe try to line it with lead in case of nuclear apocalypse. Well, those are my ideas for surviving, hope you live! Ha Ha JK.


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