How To Protect Your Job In A Failing Economy

With today’s economic situation unemployment is raging as people are losing their jobs at a higher rate than ever. If you work for a small company or a large corporation and they are in the process of downsizing here are some steps you can take to protect your job.

 The first thing you would want to do is to have a great relationship with your boss. I have seen where the employee is a great worker, but because the employee has embarrassed or spoken down to the supervisor on several occasions, when the company began to down size the supervisor chose that particular employee to go first. It is very important that you keep an open relationship with your supervisor.

Make sure you arrive to work on time even if you arrive five or ten minutes early that would not hurt. If needed you should be willing to stay overtime if a project or a report has to be finish before a deadline. Make sure that your work is accurate.

When you are doing your job always go the extra mile. Your supervisor is looking for someone to make them look good, so by doing your best not only are you looking good, but so will your supervisor.

Make yourself indispensable. Whatever job you are chosen to do make sure you can do that and more. When you are able to do multiple jobs effectively the more knowledgeable you become. Your company will begin to look at you as an asset and will think twice before letting you go.

Keep a list of all of your accomplishments that you have contributed to help the department succeed or reach its goals. This will show that you are not only able to work alone, but you can also work effectively as a team player. 

You can always enroll in an evening class to enhance your skills. If your job pays for seminars you can find one that is related to your field. Let your supervisor know that you are interest in attending a seminar. Many times your job will pay for you to attend.  Not only will you benefit from the seminar, you will be able to  come back and share with the rest of the employees the information that you have learned. If for some reason your company does not want to pay for it I would suggest if your budget allows you can pay for it yourself.

Make yourself available to help not only the people in your department but be open and willing to help other departments as well.

At times there maybe problems in the work place. If you have a complaint and you must go to management make sure that you are prepared. Management does not like it when you are always pointing out the negative. If you see something wrong and you think that it is necessary to approach management I would suggest you follow the proper chain of command. Speak to your supervisor first before you go to the next level. Give them a chance to solve the problem. When you approach your supervisor make sure you have a solution or a suggestion for your problem. Supervisors like it when you approach them with a solution to the situation.

These are just a few steps that can help you protect your job. I would also suggest that you keep your resume updated just in case you move on.

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