12 Quick And Effective Affiliate Marketing Tips to Make Money!

If you have been thinking of making some quick and fast money online through affiliate marketing then the following tips may be of some use.

1.    One of the most effective ways of making fast  money online is with the use of review sites where you have to write reviews on almost any subject!

2.     Go through the whole course of action of setting up and writing your review today.

3.    One effective search engine optimization trick toget more traffic to review sites which also works very good is the Google keyword tool.

4.    Look for the product names you want to give your appraisal.

5.     For example if you want to review about mobiles, enter ‘mobiles’ and get ’buying’ keywords with little competition!

6.     Next do a “mobiles” + forum and “mobiles” + 6 comments.

7.     For offering your comments enter any number you want to search for blogs to comment on!

8.      Identify a group of good keywords (say about 10 or 15) to target and get more traffic.

9.      Locate as many forums and blogs as possible to get more traffic.

10.                         Convert the traffic you are getting into sales.

11.                         Say something meaningful in as many forums and blogs as possible before you actually post or start commenting.

12.                        Always look out for something even better and easier to do.

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