My Tryst With Mba in Philippines !!!

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Sometimes the journey of life can be quite tough for  someone  whose   life  promised  so  brightly at the early  youth age in   1990’s.Rather than the life taking a smooth  golden journey filled  with fame, fortune and glory like  thousands  of  my alumni, It was quite opposite for  a Mining  engineer  who  has to  travel from one extreme world of crude,  unclean Mining  to  corporate   world  with a lot  of   constraints ,pain and pleasure.

The world has given everyone a fair share of success, but in my case I had   to travel in a very zig zag   road dotted  with  some successful milestone leading( at the latest)  to failure  in obtaining  a formal paper guarantee called MBA degree  at the  very end  of the  two year course in  an Institute in  Manila( not  quite complete as a Top  business  school like in India)  where  everything  seemed  so enjoyful, pleasurable and quite interesting including academics.   How  does one dare to  with stand the agony,  and  some pinching  remarks  from people around you about whom you think  they may not be  your friends? 

 The  kind of    Nonsense Cacophony  pestering cum harassment I have  gone through  in the last few months in  MBA   due to my indulgence in  certain  independent

 (& personal )  pleasurable  life outside  the  institute  leads  to   question  one’s  right   of  living and self  determination over   so called  morality of seeking  sex , pleasure in the night life of  famous  Manila when even  some  professors  told  me that  they  have no   problem  for  these  along  with  studying  in AIM.  I was responsible for some of the problems   by making unfavorable remarks about the host country which may have  angered  the  local  people and  the Institute  students.  Having an IIT   degree was partially the reason behind  so  much   noise  and harassment  done in my name.

Such was   the problem to some   group of  people  that they constantly  tried to eat my ear   thru vocal means in the morning and   night. Now, Whether  they were motivated and  had some purpose  of  doing this to me under someone’s direction –only god knows!!  Actually the main cause for  this was something else and  I felt  it was  pure  nonsense fun  in my name to malign my image.

My   career took of  in  a  positive  bright  way  when I   graduated from  IIT  Kgp in

Mining engg in 1997. My career has not been a golden one in any means as compared  to my illustrious alumni although  I  got a job in  a blue chip giant Nalco  where I stayed for some 16 months after  which I came to kolkatta  to better  prepare for the MBA entrance.

However I  was  highly   disappointed   not to  get any admission offer  to top B-schools in April,  2001, after   coming  so  close  in many  occasions.  But there was  something  to cheer  as I  got to face Siddharth Basu  in the BBC   MASTERMIND  INDIA 2001 in Delhi in June ,2001. This incident lifted  my spirits and boosted  my confidence  when  my morale  was  down.

Offcourse  I have other  creditable achievements  which  are not  needed to mentioned here.

After  that  I  went  to  Rawatbhatta  to meet  my  school  friend Kiran  Khanna who  was  working as  scientist in the Rajasthan nuclear power plant. It was a wonderful experience as  I traveled  to  chitoorgarh and other nearby  areas  along with him.

Path of life    started  taking a  new  direction  as  I  went  thru  a phase  to rebuild  my  career in kolkatta  until I gave one more attempt to get  into B-schools with some success  with an  average gmat  score leading to  entry into  ITM  for  doing  a  dual  certificate course  in MS/MBA.Then all of a sudden  some thing changed my life as  I  appeared  for the entrance into AIM – The Asia’s  premier  Business school, and  ultimately I got an admission offer  with Washington Sycip scholarship   to  study MBA in  a  country largely unknown to Indian people.  Suddenly my  life  was   filled with anxiety   and  curiosity and  it took a lot of  work  to get  a  visa  for  Philippines. My life   really changed forever  when  I landed in the most  Latin of  all  the  countries  in Asia. A lot of things happened in the last two  years in that  country  which  was  not possible in India. Later  did I realized  that  I was going in the killing  fields(Cambodia !!!)  to be killed in the name of doing MBA  in AIM when  I  could  feel(may be)  rather  unwanted and unliked attitude  of my schoolmates  which  includes  Indians also.

In short,  I was  in many ways different  from the overseas student  in AIM as  I was more of a tourist  cum student cum SPY!. Yes It was a    tag (spy!) held   to my name  by   my fellow  Indian batch mates.  I have  spend large  amount of pesos  in order to  explore

(in single)  many  fantastic  places like Cebu , Boracay, Baguio  etc  for  pleasure and  quench my  thirst  for exploring a  relatively  unknown country. I  had  prepared  for  the  journey  in Philippines  in Kolkatta  by  going thru all the websites, books ,journals   about that country   so that I can be at ease  with the  country and  its people in the  beginning.

Therefore I was the student who was  probably  the most aware  of that  country   as compared  to any  other Non Filipino  student in AIM. At  least I did not have to  face  the embarrassment of  not knowing Gloria Macapagal arroyo  ,Ninoy Acquino and Jose rizal.

I was  quite heavily addicted  to something  for which Philippines  is  famous  for – The exciting  night life in form  of  hotspots which were filled  with sexy semi nude  girls ready to do strip dance .Oh god!  did  I made any mistake landing in  Philippines? I will  say- never  never!. Slowly  and  slowly I  got  involved  with many maganda  Filipinas for  short time pleasure (means physical  relationship) .  How  strange  it was  that in India I could  not  have any  Indian female(!!) for pleasure or anything for staying in a hotel for a night   and In abroad I was  a sort  of  Man who  was quite  so comfortable  cum pleasure seeker  cum strip  club bar  hopper.( Iam not anyway soliciting or promoting the  tourism  of Philippines  among  the Indians  here.) However the exciting  night life and  pleasure  seeking in the land  of Lapu  Lapus and  Manny  pacquio’s  did  not effected my studies at all as I was going out only  three-to four  times a month  to seek  the lust’n pleasure  of  god’s creation. It was other  issue  that I got   ranked  amongst the  last  ten students in the  class in the end  of the first  year.

This  rang  up the bell in my head and   I  gave  full attention to my summer internship after first  year  in MBA   in   market  consulting firm  in kualalumpur (2004) in May and June. I was  too cautious   in a  muslim country   whenever  I  went outside as a tourist   to visit the  must  see tourist places. But  once I entered  in AIM  in the  second year  I  was  beginning  to  realize  the changing  environment  surrounding  me. I  visited  the world famous  historical  sites  where the  famous  Spanish  explorer  Magellan  landed  for  the  first  time in phillippines  to  make  it as a part of the Spanish  empire- Cebu.

It was once again a  wonderful experience and  I was  almost  in tears in joy  for standing

In front  of the  world  famous  cross  ( Magellan’s  Cross )   which became  the symbol of  propagation of  Spanish empire  and Christianity in Asia thru  Philippines.

I  was  surprised and  a  bit  ecstatic to come across  something interesting  in  the  Export processing zone in Mactan Island  where  I  found out  the  written words on the  small  signboard   cum   milestone  at  the entrance of the village – “  Basak  Barangay “ for  a   moment I was  amazed and  lost in thought and  I was  sure that  it  is  not me!! (Offcourse).  Then  I  went around  the   sign board  to see the other side and

I  found—“ Because you are leading” and then I realized  that  it must be  named after  someone who is  alive.  But  the  problem is  there is  no  famous  Filipino  whose  name/surname  is “Basak” or anything like that. The  word Basak in tagalog  language  means  “rice  paddy”.This word  meaning  really   fits with my Image  for  feeding the poor(?)   people in   the  name of pleasure with large sum of cash money(rice paddy !!). They  have a culture of   having  a  patron  saint in every important  Barangay  and  they  tend to  name it  after  him.In this case  it was – Basak San Nicholas which  itself is a interesting combination of two highly  contrasting   names.Still  I was  happy that at least  my surname is there on the  village sign board  in an  important  area of the country.

I did  visited  other sites like  lapu lapu shrine, Taoist temple , hot spots etc.  I had an incident in cebu where  I  called a maganda to my  hotel room ( she was hot!!)  and  had  some naughty and  massaging time. Thereafter  came the period  of  harassment  when  I returned back  to my institute from  cebu and  the  institute was  never the  same  for  me.

I still  do  not  know  why  the students of the institute started  disturbing( cacophony) me   in the late nights  and sometimes in the day  from October  to November ‘2004 intermittently .They  were  not  exactly telling  what  were their problem with me even though  they  told  me that  I  have  lost  my value as an IITIAN , that I have become an immature  student and I need to  get  out of the country!!! Sounds  a bit ridiculous.!!

When  the main purpose  of doingthat was  something else. They were  under  the wrong impression that  I  have a  huge  money in account  in  a bank  in manila. It  was  time when  something  really  frightened  up to the extent that I  booked  a ticket  to India on 8th October    assuming that  I  may  get flunked  to the new image  being created    during  evaluation of    grade in  the   semester  subjects. It  really  happened after one month  that  I got   horrible grade  sheet  in which  I had  flunked in but  one subject  leading  to be in a perilous  situation of  almost  on the verge of getting out of the MBA  programme   and  I thought  I  may  have  to  curtail  my  mid night activities and bar  hopping. I thought  Iam  being  punished  for my attitude cum  independent life of seeking   fun and pleasure.I  came back to India in December,2004   thinking of my result of  second  semester  in which  any thing can happen, so I was  trying to  do something special in kolkatta in IIM cal but it did  not materialized. I landed  in manila  this time in anxiety and  curiosity  but this  time it was of  different  type .Luckily  my  fear was shortlived  and  I was  relieved  to see clean   gradesheet.  But then followed the  three months  of  subtle harassment (electronic –hitech mind  control  thru  waves or …) cum some strange paranormal things(? ) which  made  me feel  that   Iam  being  put  into some sort of controlled  experiment  cum  public nonsense.

However the  main problem  started  when the MRR (  management research report ) which  is the   partial  requirement  for the degree , was  called indefensible after a lot of work ,rework and suggestions  from  the professors .I  was  not allowed  to  defend  my  MRR  for  the reason  of  not  properly formatted, illogical  and not  properly  organized .

When  the actual  thing was that even the Prof.  also wanted  something which is most essential  to survive. This time I  was  a bit  imbecile not to hand over the thing which he wanted and as result  I could not pass MRR,  and my  degree  was  somehow  confiscated the  way  it want  to put it. I  felt    frustrated, angry   for this  in the last  days  of april ,2005 and  still  ventured  into  the night clubs in manila  for  the   last time  in the  first  few days  in may in order  to come  over  my blues. I  knew  that  once  I land  in India

( mumbai) I  shall be  teased, pinched( oh talent!!)   for not getting  the  degree from institute being  an IIT  student and  as  usual  my  prediction  become true.  Life  become  tough as   being  an IIT  graduate I realized  that  I  have become a public good,  many people  know about you  and  will  taunt  you  that  hey  he is a  non degree  failure, he is a  asshole  etc etc.  Even then I was  confident that  I  shall be  able  to get a decent  MBA  type of  job in mumbai  amidst   such   difficult ,  agonizing and  testing times when I  knew  I  could  have  better  stayed  in Philippines. But my decision  was  right and I got  two  decent  job offers  off course not  fabulous !!!( like top mba jobs) within a month in  Mumbai as a Analyst  in  First  global  in  Vashi due  to my sheer resilience and  fighting  attitude.

I am  quite  contented with myself as  I have something in hand  to payback for my  loans  and  dues  to my parents , but  there  is a  great  sense  of  retribution  against  some  people  in  me for  all  the things  done in the recent  past. I  am sure  that  will  be done.

In a nutshell,  my life is an example of  how  to overcome the odds ( don’t  take  any thing for  granted!)  when  you are in midst  of a  crisis or setbacks for   some  people  have grudge(sentimental )   over  you for something  you said  in the past ,  yet  you  have a sense  of  optimism and fighting  spirit   to  get  over it  and  make  a better  career  in the  long run with some losses(?). I   have learnt  the lesson in a hard way.  I got   my Transcripts.


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