Cotinental Flight 3407 plane crash: Buffalo plane crash

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The plane is a Continental Connection Flight 3407 that crashed around 10:20 pm. The plane was going from Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey to Buffalo Niagara International Airport and the weather was light snow, fog with 17mph winds.

According to neighbors, the crashed destroyed the house instantly and the flames were 50-100foot high with loud and odd noises. Neighbors ran outside to see and all in front of them were high orange flames. Witness saw the plane flying low and he knew it wasn’t doing good. This is one of the crashed that killed many people since the last fatal crash in Aug. 27, 2006 according to the APs.

There were calls between the Continental Flight female pilot to the air traffic controllers however, there were no message about the safety concern of the plane. Shortly after that the traffic controllers contact Continental Flight but no answer was received. The traffic controller then contacts a nearby plane to ask if they see the Continental Flight. The Colgan Air’s team is cleaning up the scene and contacting family members of victims on the plane. If your family is on board you can call Colgan Air to get more information.


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