Valentines Day Flowers

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The Valentines Day Flowers Have A Special Meaning

Valentine’s Day is the day when you express your love hoping that it would be reciprocated. There are many unwritten codes of conduct that are followed on this day one among which is the meaning of the Valentines Day flowers. You would think that on this day the most common flowers would be the red roses because of their beauty and their symbolism of love.

Say It With Valentines Day Flowers

There is a code in the flowers that you would be planning to offer; a code that would express your innermost feelings for the recipient without you needing to say one single word. The code comprises of types of flowers as well as color of flowers. The more you know about it, the easier would be for you to express your feelings or declare your love.

For example, if you choose to give as Valentines Day flowers a bunch (or a single one) of red roses you are saying that you are in love.  If the flowers are pink, you are asking only for happiness in your friendship, if you offer yellow Valentines Day flowers it means that you are asking for your partner’s friendship. In similar fashion, the yellow color flowers would mean that you are wishing her or him happiness.

The Meaning Of Other Type Of Valentines Day Flowers

You have learnt the meaning of some important and most used colors, but this is not all. There are many types of flowers that also have their own meaning, which could be used on this special day. For example, you could gift a sunflower to say that you completely admire the person. If there is someone in your life whom you totally admire – this is the way and the time to do so with a sunflower. This flower symbolizes total admiration just as the sunflower admires the sun and has eyes for nothing else.

Do you want to declare undying love? Offer your intended friend or lover a bouquet of forget-me-not flowers. When you use these flowers, you are telling the recipient ‘I love you’ in the most subtle and beautiful way possible. Choose a tulip – particular a red one, which means ‘perfect lover’ – to gift your lover and say it all without uttering a word. 

In case you would think that the person who you are gifting the flowers might not know the meaning of the flowers – type and color both)  – why not tip your friend with a tiny guide attached to the flowers so the meaning of the gift would not be lost.

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