Valentines Day Floral Gift

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Personalizing Valentine’s Day Floral Gifts

Valentine’s Day floral gifts are one of the most common ways of expressing that you care for someone. However, because they are the most common, they can be the most predictable and boring gifts too.

Sure, Valentine’s Day floral gifts are a safe bet for your girlfriend, wife and mother, but add some personalization to them so that it doesn’t look like a last minute thing your secretary ordered on your behalf.

Here are a few ways in which you can personalize a Valentine’s Day floral gift

Handwritten Note

In an age of email and text messages the handwritten card or note is definitely appreciated and is the height of personalization. Even if you do not have the time or inclination to make a card yourself you can easily write something down in your handwriting. Putting pen to paper makes it just the more personalized than a copy and paste command on the computer.

So many people have forgotten the value of receiving something n the mail and actually slitting open an envelope and reading a card instead of it being amongst the gazillion email messages we receive every day.


Along with your Valentine’s Day floral gift add a small gift that shows you specifically thought of the recipient. If she is into entertaining, add a little floral arrangement for the dining table kind of books so it ties in with the Valentine’s Day floral gift as well as her tastes. If she is in to social work, make a donation to her favorite cause and include that message in your card. If she is into recycling or shopping, include a little tote bag with flowers on it so that she can reuse the bag on her trips to the mall and save some trees in the process. If she is a chocolate lover, include her favorite brand and type if candy instead of the standard one the online flower shop will provide.

If possible, get the Valentine’s Day floral gift delivered at a time when you are sure she will receive it personally instead of being left at her office desk or on the doorstep. The actual act of receiving the gift is also as much of a joy as the actual present.

Valentine’s Day floral gifts have been popular for a long, long time and are here to stay. They are not a fad that will fizzle out any time soon. However, how you present the gift will make the difference between a formal thank you and a really heartfelt appreciation that will keep you grinning from ear to ear!

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