Backpacking in Northern Luzon

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I’ve been traveling around the Philippinesfor more than 10 years now. What I love traveling in the Philippinesis because of the places, the food, the culture and secially its cheap. There are lot of places you can go around the Philippines. Lets start in Luzon, Luzonis where Metro Manila is located. If your coming from Manilaand you like to go to Bagiuo its like 4-5 hours bus ride. Bagiuo is well known to be the most coldest city in the Philippinesbecause of its elevation. And the City of Baguiowas design by American People so the place is kind a different compare to some other places in the Philippines. There are cheap hotels in Baguiofor backpackers specialy if you know where to find it.

Once your in Bagiuo you can go to Sagada.  I love Sagada and I consider it as one of the Romantic place in the Philippines. If I am a millionaire I will build my own house there. The feeling in Sagada is that you are so close to nature. Plus its quite, cold wind, very serene and many vegetables. There are cheap hotels in Sagada, in the Future I will definetly go back there. If your asking your self how to go to sagada? Actually its very easy just go to Baguiocity there is a bus or jeep ride goin to bagiuo. I recommend to be early in bagiuo to know the bus or jeep schedule goin to Sagada.

Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte. Has a lot of beautiful beaches old churches in Ilocos. I haven’t been in Ilocos but I will sure go there to explore the Area. I might stay for a week or backpacking. 


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