Valentines Day Cards

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Help Your Children Create the Perfect Valentines Day Cards

Every year at Valentines Day, children celebrate by giving their classmates special handmade Valentines Day cards and treats to show their appreciation for one another. You can help your children to create the perfect handmade Valentines Day cards that won’t take forever, and won’t cost you a fortune, either. All you need to create these great little Valentines Day cards is a package of construction paper, a few glue sticks, some glitter, markers, and some child safety scissors.

Designing Cards

Depending on the ages of your children, you will have to create the base for their handmade Valentines Day cards. Simply pull all of the red and pink sheets out of the package of construction paper. Fold each sheet into quarters – once in half the long way; then in half again, folding the paper end to end – then fold in half once more lengthwise. If you are doing this for your child, you may want to get a sharp pair of scissors for this part. Take a marker and trace a half heart using the folded edge as your center guideline. Carefully cut your Valentines Day cards base out using your sharp scissors. When you unfold each piece, you should have a complete heart. 

Next, you will let your children decorate the outsides of their heart shaped Valentines Day cards with glitter. Simply use the glue stick to create designs on one side of each heart, and allow it to sit for a moment so that the glue becomes tacky. Next, carefully shake the glitter over the glue and allow it to dry thoroughly. Once the glue has dried, carefully shake each heart over a trash can so as to remove any excess glitter.

After the glue on your children’s Valentines Day cards has dried completely, they can decorate the insides with the markers. Have them write a special note to each of their friends. You can easily pick up some small packages of children’s Valentines Day candies, to which you can attach each card. Be sure to send the Valentines Day cards with your child inside a paper lunch sack, so as to prevent the glitter from brushing off inside your child’s backpack.

There you have it, the easiest (and cheapest) way for you and your children to create Valentines Day cards for their entire class. For just under ten dollars, your children can give their classmates special, personalized Valentines Day cards that will be remembered for many years to come.

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