How To: Stop a Program From Checking Updates

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Program updates can be very annoying if you don’t want to update this program, and you can need this for example if the new version don’t compatible with your new operating system so we will stop the program and don’t allow it to connect to the internet.

The steps is very easy but notice that you can’t block a program from connecting to the internet and the program need to connect to the internet to work fine, for example: if you want to stop Firefox from checking for new updates you can’t block it from connecting to the internet because it is simple a browser it is need to connect to the internet to work.

You can do it easily using your Firewall but if you don’t have one you can easily use Windows firewall  just follow the steps and you be able to stop any program from connecting to the internet  and checking for new updates.

Step 1: Open start

Step 2: Then search for “firewall

Step 3: And you should see in the top “Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

If the previous steps didn’t work and couldn’t see “Windows Firewall with Advanced Security” then go to “Control panel” ->“Administrative Tools

Step 4:On the left hand side go down to Outbound Rules” then on the right action bar click New Rule”and basically select the Program option then after selecting the program, choose you want and choose the “Block the Connection” option. 


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