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India is one of the largest countries with largest education and corporate sector in the world. Perhaps it is also one of the developing countries of the globe, offers awesome opportunities to the world in terms of education and business. Many foreign universities, institutes, world leading companies approach towards India for their business activities. India is a country with a lot of education and career opportunities. The education system of India has changed a lot from what it was in before independence. There are number of different schools, colleges and universities scattered around the nation that have gained an excellence in providing quality education to students from the entire world. Globalization, privatization, modernization and centralization are some of the reasons behind the advancement of Indian education system. Private schools are the most sorts after schools by the student’s parents. Indian government is still in process of improving the standard of Indian education as there are many areas which are affected by lack of education.

Girls education and primary education are the area where Indian government has puts its major section of its revenue, like The Right to Education Act, passed by the Indian parliament, gave right of education to all children. Advancement of education is on the high priority by the government and where you will find world’s best educational institutes in India like Indian Institutes of Technology, Indian Institutes of Management, and many others that offers quality education in almost every major discipline of international standard. Here, student will also find many International schools in India, providing international standard of education for NRI students. Some of such schools are the American school, Mahindra Academy and Dhirubhai Ambani Academy of Education, offering wide varieties of foreign courses in India. Education literacy rate keeps on increasing year by year in India and according to the census of 2009, the literacy rate of male was 75.85% and female literacy rate was 54.16% where Kerala has the highest literacy rate in all over India.

Among the various colleges and universities in India, Singhania University is one of the well reputed and prominent education destination where student will find wide variety of degree programs including MCA, MBA, M.Tech, hotel management, M.Phil, B.Tech, medical, tourism, nursing, life science, LLM, arts, humanities, mass communication and many more courses offered by this University. It is one of the UGC recognized University of Rajasthan that welcomes all the students of different level of bachelors, masters and doctoral level. Singhania University has achieved remarked position in the list of top university in india, offers education in different modes like in regular classes as well as through distance education. Distance learning is one of the favorable mode of education where students in India prefer to move with as there is no need to leave present job or business. Here you will find number of advance degree programs under the section of singhania university distance education. Experienced faculties, diverse degree programs, latest course contents, international level of education environment, internship programs, awesome campus environment and A grade recruitment programs with all these features Singhania University have gained favorable image for Rajasthan University. Therefore, students can check in for syllabus, course contents, admission procedures, programs, internship and recruitment services and lots more about Singhania University.

For higher education in india singhania university is the right place,it is the  top university in india is famous name in india for technical and non technical education, rajasthan university provides  B.Tech,M.Tech, B.Sc. Courses,  M.Sc(Hons) courses and many more courses just visit and get world class education.


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