Valentines Day Activities

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Planning Valentines Day Activities for Your School-Aged Children

Do your children want to plan some special activities for the day devoted to love and affection? Having a hard time coming up with ideas for Valentines Day activities? If so, you’ve definitely come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of some great Valentines Day activities for you and your kids to enjoy together, regardless of their ages.

Fun and Games for All Kids

The best Valentines Day activities always involve the whole family whenever possible, or at least several of your child’s friends and classmates. This is especially so if you can get everyone together and laughing at the same time. The first of our Valentines Day activities is a fun and humorous game in which everyone tries to come up with the funniest valentine.

Give each child and adult their own folded piece of red or pink construction paper. On the inside you can write a sentimental valentine message, leaving out certain words like verbs and nouns, replacing them instead with a blank line. Under each line, write in what type of word should go there, such as “animal’s name” or “color” etc. See who can come up with the funniest set of words. The winner gets a prize of a small box of Valentine’s candy or a small stuffed Valentine bear.

Other favorite Valentines Day activities include pin the arrow on cupid, much like its similar counterpart involving a donkey; and Heart Scramble, in which hearts made out of different colors of construction paper are cut in half and placed inside a paper bag. Make sure that there are an equal number of halves so that each child gets one. After everyone has chosen a heart half (with their eyes closed, of course), flip an egg timer over to begin the game. The object is for each child to find their partner before the time runs out. These types of Valentines Day activities are best played outdoors, as they can become quite rambunctious.

Valentines Day activities for older children can include scavenger hunts, where folded paper hearts are hidden around the yard. Inside each heart is either a prize or a clue to where another heart may be. This game is best played in a large yard or field, so that there is plenty of room to hide the hearts; you don’t want to make it too easy, after all. Older children may also enjoy Valentines Day activities that include getting to help bake special treats for their friends and family.

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