Tips to Save Money Running Your Micro Small Business Australia

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Ideas to reduce expenses for your Micro Small Business Australia:

Join a local Networking Groupand mingle with other Micro Small Business Owners. Often you will meet other Business Owners with skills that you can utilize and if they are in need of your services you can trade services with no money changing hands.

Don’t buy bigger than you need, for example, software programs that help us accomplish the necessary tasks are usually offered in various sizes. You might be planning on having a hundred employees next year but you don’t need software to manage a hundred employees this year. You can always upgrade when the time comes. Today you need to save the bucks and go with only what you need today.

Don’t spend unnecessary advertising dollars.So many times new Micro Business Owners will start spending on Advertising without doing enough research. PPC Ads are a great example. We all want to get our business on the first page of Google, but I know many business owners who have run up massive bills with Google, without the reward of gaining new customers.

Take full advantage of free advertisingto build your business and your credibility. There are free ways to advertise that are almost as effective as PPC advertising and paid-for advertising. Some of these free advertising methods are:

* Write E-books and articles and submit them to E-book repositories and article banks for others to use free of charge. (These articles and E-books are accompanied by your resource box which includes your name and your website address.)

* The Networking Group is really useful to gain referrals for new business. You will have to be prepared to make a small presentation about your Micro Business.

* Use Word of Mouth to Advertise: Write a list of everyone you know and let them know you are now “in business”. It is amazing where this can lead.

* Post to blogs and forums that are related to the products and services that you sell. You post above a signature that includes your name and your website address.

* Build a long and impressive opt-in list. Email advertising is free but you need the recipient’s permission to send advertising emails.

Sign up with a good flat-rate long distance telephone service,VOIP is great. A flat-rate long distance telephone service can save you a lot of money over time.

Receive Faxes to your Laptop or PC rather than purchasing a fax machine,and having the associated telephone line installed.

Use a scanner to go paperlessand file all your business paperwork on your hard drive instead of setting up a Hard Copy filing system.

Make sure you are on the most competitive plans for your mobile and internet services.Often speaking to a member of Gen Y can give you some really great tips in this area.

Make use of Trial offersto ensure products you are buying are really what you need. For example, MYOB accounting software offers a free 90 day trial to test before purchase.

If you can implement some of the above you will succeed in reducing your business expenses and thereby boost your businesses bottom line.


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