Ten Poorest Countries In The World – An Update

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My purpose in doing a simple video for the ten poorest countries in the world is not to expose dearth but inform in a way through list. I have chosen just the top ten and out of research I have compiled the most accurate ones to date. I will not talk about how they survive or how they suffer financially but intend to share a thought or two by comparisons.

I have read and watched videos of how the poorest live and even observed poverty in our country, Philippines being part of Asia and one of the poorest. I feel the misery of unsheltered children or the family as a whole. Starvation marks the near end of a child, which for me is the most painful to watch. The parents of the child are gazed watching a precious one gasping for the last breath. But the pain is felt more by people whose mission is to alleviate hunger and provide health to the poor. Thank God for having the United Nations Organization having a platform in helping and donors throughout the world extending hands.

 Maybe you are asking yourself how to live in dearth. Even hunger scares most of us. Death, especially from starvation never crosses one’s mind.  For sure nobody doesn’t want to imagine such misery. This is an incentive message for us to better our lives in a way we can and if we fail still life goes on. What is important is regarding the value of life.

I am happy that we have Ambassadors who go to the poorest places in the world to let others know that there are people who need the help. A small dole from anyone multiplies and that is a gargantuan step towards alleviating hunger in this world. Exposing dire in one’s country is not a shame but awareness playing hand for the rest to understand. We are not begging for help. We are asking for one.

I am not dreaming for equality but hoping for a better world for the poor that their stature shall pass. Watch this short video for you to know the poorest country and the next.


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