How to Improve Your Posture

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Not only thin or skinny people got this problem but people who go to the gym regularly, person who works on a sitting position for a longer time, also suffer from this problem. If you have a bad posture, you look bad despite of your good physique. Lots of people, who have good physique, lose their attractions because of their bad posture. The major problems with the posture are – a forward jutting head, weak rounded shoulder and belly stick out.

But this can be improved by doing some activities. The main benefit of a good posture is you look taller, stronger; your clothes fit better and look more attractive.

Check Out Your Posture:

You need to observe your posture to check whether it needs any improvement or not.

Take a picture of yourself from the side angle. The mid-foot, hips, shoulder and ears should be in the straight line.

There’s another test for you. Stand straight facing away from the wall and step back with one foot till your heel touches the wall. Then step back with the other foot and stand naturally. Now, if your heel, butt, shoulder blade and the back of your head all touch the wall, you have the right posture. But if you have a space between your head and the wall or between your butt and the wall then you have problem with your posture.

Causes of Wrong Posture:

  • If you work for a long time sitting on a chair and your arms in front (like working on a computer), you definitely prone to have posture problem. When you work like this, days after days, your chest pectoral muscles shorten and back muscles lengthen, causing your shoulder to slouch forward.

  • Another major reason for a bad posture is bad workout. It’s important that when you exercise, you should do it in a proper way. If you do it in a wrong way, your body will get affected. Wrong posture is one of those. Usually when people wrongly do chest, back and leg exercise they get affected by wrong posture.

But here are the tips for improving your posture:

  • If you have a desk job then this tip is for you. You need to sit tall holding your shoulder back when you are working at your desk. Get up and stretch your body every now and then. Adjust properly your chair, monitor and keyboard. You must note that if you slouch all day then you can’t get a proper posture as soon as you leave your work.

  • You need to do squats. A lot of people who sit on their butt all day have weak glutes, and overdeveloped quads. This can cause a tilt in the hips giving a poor base for the spine which can cause problems with the upper back, knees and your posture in general. But you should learn to squat properly.

  • Work out on your back. You need to do chin up, pull up and squats to correct this problem. Do not workout without the help of an expert. This is because you need to have a balanced workout program. It’s better to try either Cross fit, Rippetoes or Stronglifts. If you are new to the exercise then go for Stronglift as it starts with low weights.

  • Stretch your Pectoral muscles. This is very important. You need to loosen and lengthen your pectoral message.

  • It is very well known fact that sports enhance your body power and makes you fit. The best workout for a good body posture can be any outdoor sports. Play sports, this will make you stronger and increase you athletic ability.

Try these and you’ll definitely get a better posture. One thing you must note – you have to do these as a continual process. Because once you withdraw yourself from these practices, again you’ll get the wrong posture. 


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