Eleven Ways to Recycle Your Used CDs

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Most of us have CD libraries that can create quite a bit of clutter over time. I recently donated several large bags full of appropriate Gospel Music CDs to my church for the youth ministry program. I have also sold a few on ebay, and have given them away at various functions. To help others clear the CD clutter, I thought I would share some of my ideas to help others recycle their old CDs.

As you consider ways to get rid of extra CDs, always give some thought as to whether your CDs are appropriate in interest and content for the group you are considering selling or donating to. Also remember — not every group will want your old, used CDs, so don’t be offended if someone says no! You will also want to decide if you want to try to sell them or donate them, and if they are worth selling. With that in mind, here are my Eleven Ways to Recycle Your Used CDs:


1. Sell your used CDs on ebay. Although CDs often don’t go for much on ebay, sometimes a collection of one artist or one genre of music will sell fairly well.

2. Sell them at a yard sale or flea market. Mark them all down to a dollar or two (more obscure artists should go for less) and put them out when you have your next yard sale.

3. Find a used music store and let them go through your extras and see if there are any they want to purchase. Realistically, don’t expect more than a dollar or two for used CDs.


4. Have a music swap party. This can actually be a lot of fun! Have your friends bring in their old CDs and trade them for yours.

5. Use them for door prizes at a meeting or hobby group party.

6. Give your favorite Love Songs CDs to your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day, birthday, Christmas or other special day!


7. Donate your used CDs to a Rescue Mission or other deserving non-profit organization for adults

8. Put your CDs in a care package to a missionary family supported by your church or religious organization.

9. Take your CDs with you to a service project (Habitat for Humanity, etc.) and leave them with the leadership or take your used CDs and a cheap CD player on your next mission trip and leave them with the church or organization.

10. Send them to children at an orphanage, juvenile detention center, Boys & Girls Club, YMCA, teen counseling center, or do like I did and donate your used gospel CDs to your church youth group


11. Build an interesting used CD mobile and hang it in your garden! There it can serve as an attractive lawn decoration as well as  to scare the birds and other varmints away!

Now your CD area will be free of clutter and you can feel good about either earning a few dollars for your efforts, or helping others with your donation and recycling your used CDs as well


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