Top Gifts To Consider: Car Toys, Electronic Toys, And Family Games

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Are you looking to buy your little one a new toy or game at some point? This can be for birthdays, holidays, or just because you want to. Some people like to shop in retail stores. Other people would prefer to shop online right from the comfort of their own home. Regardless of how you want to shop for this gift, you may want to come up with different gift ideas. Gathering ideas in advance can help to save you time, while letting you look for special deals, sales, and coupons.

To help you out, I have gathered a small list of the top toys and gifts for you. This includes car toys, electronic toys, and family games.

Air Hogs Zero Gravity Micro RC Car.
Indoor RC racing has always been fun, but this zero-gravity mirco racer is about to take it to a new level! The Air Hogs Zero Gravity Micro RC Car can do just more than racing across the floor! This awesome little car races right side up, upside-down, on the walls, and on just about any smooth surface. In addition, it can race with a spectacular scale of performance and speed. But how will you know when it is time to recharge this little car? That’s easy! The working headlights also act as charge level indicators!

Fisher-Price Fun-2-Learn Computer Cool School.
Whether they are in school or still preparing, your little one will be excited about learning with the Fisher-Price Fun-2-Learn Computer Cool School! This educational toy is easy-to-use and will help your child with reading, writing, counting, and much more! Your child will also feel like a big girl or big boy using their very own computer!

Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera Pink.
This waterproof camera is designed for younger children, which is tough enough to survive the toughest drops and spills. This camera comes with two-eye viewing, hand grips, and a built-in flash, making it easy for children to take pictures! This camera is also tough enough to survive when your child drops it! When you buy this digital camera through the trusted site of, it will arrive in Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging. This means you can now avoid opening that hard, painful, and annoying plastic packaging. In fact, this Kid Tough Digital Camera now ships in it’s own recyclable box. This will protect the product and make it easier to open as well!

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX Ninja Ultimate Terrain Traction.
Kids will love the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX Ninja Ultimate Terrain! This sporty styled Power Wheels comes with ultimate terrain traction and a twist grip throttle, allowing kids to experience the excitement of riding a real ATV right in their own backyard! With this tough Kawasaki, kids won’t have to worry about getting stuck in the mud, rough terrain, and such. This Power Wheels has 12-Volts of battery power, which allows for two speeds forward 2.5 and 5 mph. Kids can ride safely with the features of a high speed lock-out and a power lock brake system. Along with the 12-volt battery and charger, it also includes a wheel package, oversize tires 13 ½ inches, and a battery charge indicator, and much more!

Fisher-Price Smart Cycle.
If your child is stuck indoors or does not feel like going outside to play, then they can still get plenty of movement with The Fisher Price Smart Cycle. This fun cycle combines education and exercise along with video games. This will provide your child with a fun learning experience that will keep them moving! Your child will have plenty of fun exercising both their brain and their body!

Guitar Hero World Tour Band Kit for Wii Deluxe Kit.
With Guitar Hero World Tour, you and your friends can now play together as your own band. The new Guitar Hero game now includes wireless instruments, a redesigned guitar, electronic drum set, and a microphone. You can use online and offline gameplay modes to have your own Band Career. Compete online against others Guitar Hero bands in the “Battle of the Bands”. Compose, record, edit, and share your own songs with the Music Studio.

Playskool Tonka Bounce Back Racer.
Even toddlers can play with the The Tonka racer, as it is so easy and fun to use! This racer includes an easy two button controller, which can be used to do the following: steer it in forward, steer it in reverse, and play with it in three modes. Your little one can actually crash this toy into the wall or other obstacles. In addition, it can be played with when your child is both indoors or outdoors. This toy is tough, as the racer has a soft body and oversized wheels cushion.

PlayStation 3 120 GB.
The Playstation 3 120GB is the next level in Sony’s console gaming. The Playstation 3 120GB includes multimedia features, along with the functions that were available in the earlier Playstation 3 models. It also includes new advancements and refinements. The PlayStation 3 120GB console system is the next realm of Next-Generation entertainment.

Wii Fit.
Now you can exercise and play video games at the same time! But how, you ask? With the Wii Fit game! Wii Fit is a game that spreads active play to your whole body. Wii Fit comes with a Wii Balance Board, which is pressure-sensitive. This allows the players to have fun, while participating in challenging activities at the same time. Participate in activities such as muscle stretches, balance games, yoga, and aerobics. Each activity is focused on providing you with a “core” workout, which is an exercise method that emphasizes slower and controlled motions. The exercise is so much fun, it will have players hooked on fitness.

I hope this list of different top toys and gifts is a big help to you! May this list make your shopping trip go by a lot smoother and easier. Your child will love playing with whatever toys or games you choose!
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