How to Power Farm Facebook Knighthood Gold And Resources

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Knighthood is Facebook application in where you build your kingdom, wage war, and grow in power. One of the resources in Facebook Knighthood is knighthood gold. Once you have established yourself in Facebook Knighthood, gold plays an important part in building your facebook knighthood empire. There are five ways to make gold in peace mode. Having gold gives the Facebook Knighthood player an advantage.

Uses of Facebook Knighthood gold:

Gold is used to purchase hammers or anvils to upgrade buildings with. Refer to Legit Knighthood shortcuts for tips on saving building time. When vassals are hurt in battle, they can be healed instantly for 10 gold per hitpoint. Players can use gold to hire mercenaries for a week, to buy vassals from the vassal market, and to buy weapons.

Methods of making Facebook Knighthood gold:

Marketplace: Vassals you assign to marketplace produce an amount of facebook knighthood gold per hour equal to their power. After garrison is constructed, production reduces to 75% during peace. The Taskmaster (5000 game credits) can be purchased for two weeks and increases kingdom efficiency to 90%. Upgrading marketplace increases production 5% (75% of 5% with peace penalty.) Upgrading to level 7 overcomes the penalty. The marketplace should be your third priority, after castle and workshop where vassals are 5-10 times as efficient.

Weapons: Assign your best extra vassals to the weapon shops. Vassals produce one weapon per 5 power. 20 power in a weapon shop produces 75% of four weapons, or three weapons per hour. You can buy weapons on the market 1,000 at a time for 7,500 gold. To sell weapons for gold, find another facebook knighthood player who is in need of weapons and arrange to sell to him; you will gift him weapons and he will gift you gold.

The Vassal Market: If you are looking to unload extra vassals you can sell on the facebook knighthood vassal market. Knight/ladies and higher can be sold, as well as freemen that are still under contract. If you are good at seizing vassals during war or getting strangers to join knighthood, this can be a good source of income.

Becoming a Mercenary: If you are a sovereign you can offer yourself as a mercenary. As a mercenary you cannot release, gift, or sell vassals. Mercenary contracts last for a week and you generally get about a quarter of the amount a vassal would sell for. If you are sovereign, you will make a lot more gold as a mercenary than if you were to swear to a liege.

Merchanting vassals: Watch the facebook knighthood vassal market taking note of the minimum and maximum offering price of power 20 vassals. Disregard vassals that have less than two to two and a half days remaining; they are overpriced. Pay special attention to the vassals that actually sell. Prices can vary day to day; you will get a feel for the low and high prices. Begin purchasing vassals that are priced low. You are limited to one a day, so pick and choose. Also, pick inactive vassals because vassals can leave you if you are in peace mode. When the market is high, sell as many power 20’s as you can or are comfortable with selling. A profit of 30,000 gold per vassal is good.

Gold is very good to have in Facebook knighthood and very useful, but always remember to look for the fastest way to achieve what you are to use the gold for. If you are power-building, you will want your best vassals in the castle and workshop.

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