Continental flight crashes in Buffalo, New York

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In a tragic incident, the American passenger plane, Continental flight 3407, crashed into a residential complex in Buffalo, New York. The crash was followed by 3 explosions which engulfed the entire neighbourhood into sky-high flames of fire. All the 48 on-board people, which included 44 passenger and 4 crew members are feared dead.

The flight was late as per schedule and was just 4 miles away from the airport, when the plane suddenly crashed into a low-rise building razing it completely to the floor and engulfing the entire area with fire. Local fire agencies have been pressed into service who have done a great job in cordoning off the area and evacuating the nearby houses for fear of fire spreading to those houses too. They have also tried to localise the fire to one spot so that distruction may be contained.

The exact reason for the crash is yet to be ascertained. The climatic conditions were also very trecherous as rains and heavy winds had already delayed the flight. The fire-fighting is going on to contain the fire as per the latest information.


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