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Why Don’t I Believe in God

There are 3 defining factors in why I don’t believe in God.

  1. The bible use to be a fact book about how the world was created and the stories we’re considered truth. Over time Catholics have described these stories as metaphors. In my mind this change in attitude is an excuse for advances in science which have proven evolution and the theory of the big bang.

  2. The absolute tragedies in the world should be more than enough to make anyone not believe in God. Major disasters happen yearly killing thousands of innocent people, people are murdered, children are raped (many cases have surfaced about priest sexually abusing children/absurd numbers in fact) Now if God created everything he is the one responsible for the immense amount of pain in the world. So either God exists and he’s the equivalent of Satan or he doesn’t exist at all and the bad and the world can be explained by science and the negative aspects of humanity

  3. Catholics and Christians and other religions: Each and everyone who doesn’t follow their religious code to the best of their ability is a hypocrite which happens to be everyone. Catholics can devote more than 1 hour a week to their God. 1 hour is a joke.

My beliefs:

Creation: The big bang is a solid theory as to the creation of our universe and evolution is a strong proven science.

Purpose of life: The purpose of all living things is to survive and continue as a speciies. See Darwinism.

Death: I believe that once I die I will (or wont) experience oblivion. There will be nothing, no thoughts, no pain, no anger, nothing at all. This may seem like a scary thing and take away the point of living but to live forever is to experience eternal anguish. To live in heaven forever would get extremely tedious and everyone would eventually be driven insane.

How does atheism affect who I am:

Atheism doesn’t make me a bad person, I’m not heartless or evil. I tend to respect religions when they don’t try to impose beliefs on other people. I can be compassionate, forgiving, loving and vicious because I’m human.  I believe in society and following the law. I don’t have a god-complex where I control things in fact I know I am insignificantly small in the universe.


I’m an atheist because the new age has become far wiser to what religion is about. Atheism is the fastest growing belief system in the world and I am neither proud nor ashamed of it. Atheist will never go to war over religious beliefs or blame God for human mistakes. Finally I’m an atheist because it makes me happy not because I have a depressing outlook on life.

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