Want Beautiful Skin?

Water:  The simple one. We all try hard to get our 8 glasses in everday. And though it seems impossible, you can be a master at it. Our bodies crave and survive off of water, by drinking 8 glasses of water not only are you hydrating your body. You you are also washing and cleansing your body, and it’s also flushing out all the bad things in your body. Clearing your skin. Tips in being able to drinking 8 glasses is Drinking a glass when you get up from bed or when your about to sleep. Also a really go tip is drinking before every meal and while exercising.

Junk Food: Cookies, cakes, and ice cream are everyone’s guilty plessure, but too much junk food can cause you to break out, have a very oily face, and also blotchy skin. Instead of chocolate cake for dessert how about a fruit cup? Or skipping dessert all together? Eat more fruits and vegetables than junk food and you’ll be on track to having beautiful skin.

Sleeping:   With a bad sleeping cycle your skin can become loose, saggy, colorless. But with a good sleeping cycle (which you obtain 8 hours of sleep) you skin with glow, look healthy, and be nice a firm and lets not forget have a beautiful color to it. If you cannot get 8 hours of sleep, catch little cat naps when ever you can, if it’s on break in your office or right after school before you head out to do sports.

Stress: Stress plays a major run in having beautiful skin. Stress can cause you to have bags under your eyes and skin having a old appearance. Don’t take too many things serious, try to laugh more then be angry, do yoga, take long baths, or catch naps when you feel even the slights stressed out.

Sunscreen: Always wear sun sunscreen even on a cloudy day. Apply to your face, arms, legs, and anywhere else that might be exposed and a victim of the Sun.

With these 5 keys, you will have beautiful and glowing skin.

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