How to Prevent Freshman Fifteen

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Step One

Buy a weighing machine for your dorm room. Most freshmen do not regularly check their weight. As a result, they do not know they are gaining weight until they have gained a significant amount. Having a weighing machine in your dorm room will allow you to keep track of your weight gains, and when you start seeing any gains, you can take steps to prevent it.

Step Two

Try to cook as much as you can. If cooking is impossible because you do not have time, utensils, or access to a kitchen, try making simple meals like sandwiches. When you visit home, ask the meal preparer at home to teach you some simple meals that you like. Remember, you know exactly what you put in if you prepare your meal. Thus you can make them as healthy as you want.

Step Three

If you cannot cook, instead of eating at restaurants or cafeterias that do not publish their nutritional information, choose those that do; then choose a meal that is not overloaded with calories. Otherwise, buy frozen microwaveable healthy foods such as lean cuisine. They are lower in calories and will help prevent the freshman 15.

Step Four

Try to eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible. These are lower calorie density foods, which means they will make you fuller than other high calorie foods, helping prevent weight gain.

Step Five

Try to get some exercise every day. Remember, you can take a book with you to the gym and read it as you bike or walk on a treadmill. If you burn off enough calories, you will be able to prevent those dreaded freshman 15.

Step Six

Take a physical education class or enroll in a varsity sports team. It will give you a way to burn off calories to prevent weight gain.

Step Seven

Learn how to manage stress as stress has been scientifically linked with weight gain.


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