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Intro to news providers:

Listening to the news is great. The more you –wisely- immerse yourself in the news the better educated you are. Unfortunately if you believe everything you hear you could be embarrassing yourself.  Bias and intentional obstruction of facts can completely take away the legitamatcy about news. In fact this article is one person’s biased opinion.


There are MANY terrible TV stations that cover the news. Fox news is famous for obstructing the truth and being completely controlled by Republicans in the states. BBC among other news channels will interview ‘experts’(secondary and tertiary sources) about important issues and these people will either exaggerate or minimize an issue without any real facts. In fact if you watch a well known news provider you should only believe what is inherently neutral in bias such as the Iceland volcano erupting in July. DO NOT put a lot of thought into theories about Iceland’s second volcano erupting as many news providers believed would happen. The hands down best news providers on TV are comedy talk shows such as The Colbert Report and The Daily Show where bad news is examined and corrected and any incorrect news that these shows present to the audience are always obviously sarcastic and purely meant for humour.  Jon Stewart who host The Daily Show has told Fox news to go fuck itself on TV for bad news reporting.


I’m not going to touch on these very much. Magazines like to spread the most outrageous rumours about celebrities and hardly ever report on world news.


Radio is similar to TV when it comes to the news. Believe what you know is fact and forget what is theory. There are not very many radio news shows around in the recent years.

Web Sites:

Web Sites are the holy grail of news. While articles are written by people who can give bad information any site like CBC where there is the option to comment on articles is a good source for information since anytime something is wrong other sources will correct it via comments. The best method when it comes to the news on the web is to use multiple sources and cross reference facts from each news provider.

Final Notes:

Personally I get all my news from BBC and CBC and occasionally CNN when there is a major story I need to verify.  I almost never bother with watching TV or listening to the radio. The internet provides us with a wealth of information and news is not something that is in short supply and I highly recommend using multiple sources to get the most accurate stories that keep you informed.


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