What is Lucid Dreaming

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The basic concept of Lucid Dreaming:

Over thousands of years people have been experiencing lucid dreams.  The term ‘lucid’ properly describes a lucid dream by definition as clear perceptionorunderstanding. Recent definitions of lucid dreaming have been described as the dreamer becoming aware they are dreaming. Humanity has been having dreams since the beginning of our race but what sets Lucid dreaming apart is the ability to establish full control over ones dream. To control ones dream you must first become aware you are dreaming and from that point on you need only think about what you want to create and your mind will build it for you. (Sounds like Inception don’t it? I’m not Leonardo I don’t look that good)

Why do I want to Lucid Dream?

There are many personal reasons behind lucid dreaming. With lucid dreaming you can explore your subconscious, re-experience memories, revisit loved ones or do any of the cool things you’ve seen in the movie Inception.  Another good reason to practice lucid dreaming is to get more out of your lifetime. We spend roughly half our lives sleeping and if we can buy ourselves more time by having conscious dreams than why not try?

Various States of Lucidity:

There is various levels of lucidity one can experience in a dream. There is a high-level lucidity where the dreamer is completely aware that nothing in the dream is real and there is no acceptance of the unnatural. There is a mid-level of lucidity where the dreamer will become aware that they are dreaming but odd situations like a person walking on the ceiling would not faze the dreamer or force them to take a second look. Finally there is a low-level of lucidity where the dreamer can become aware they are dreaming but as the dream progresses they come to accept their dream as reality. (Another inception reference).

Attaining Lucidity and Dream Control:

There are various methods of attaining lucidity and increasing your dream control. While there are many ways to become lucid the most straight forward method is to constantly ask yourself if you’re dreaming. Make it a habit to ask yourself if you are dreaming and perform reality checks, for example by plugging your nose and breathing through it you can determine if you are dreaming(uou can breathe in a dream but not in real life). There is a free Lucid dreamer community site called ‘dreamviews’ that has taught me a lot about dream control and various methods of becoming lucid. I also have a daily blog called ‘Dream Crazy’ I update via Bukisa that I record my various dreams along with valuable tips about dream control and lucid dreaming that I have learned through experience.


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