Zodiac Signs Scorpio Good And Bad Traits

Scorpio represents mans eternal battle with good and evil. Some say the battle between innocense and deceit. Scorpio represents mans fall from grace of humanity, destruction, which all leads to a new birth or procreation. Many find that their Sexy Scorpio friends are also quite intelligent and always pursuing some new idea or plan. Like the Scorpion they have a way of lashing out or stinging others with their cutting remarks and words. They also have a very strong instinctive feel about people and often do quite well in the medical profession.  As most know by now, astrological signs have their good traits and bad traits. It is the combination of these astrological traits that make the whole individual. Let’s take a closer look at Scorpio sign good and bad traits.

Scorpio Good Traits – Our Scorpio friend is complex but has many good traits. Scorpio’s are very ambitious people. They learn early on in life exactly what they want and usually get it through strong drive and determination. They are also very creative people and very passionate about life and love in general. They are great observers and usually have good instincts about people, places, or things. Many find that it is hard to try to fool their Scorpio friend because of these special insightful abilities.

Scorpio Bad Traits – Many Scorpio’s might be just a little too sensitive and very secretive. When they are angered they become very furious and retaliate quickly. They can also become very harsh and speak very hurtfully when angered. Some Scorpio natives have a very complex personality that may cause much turmoil in their personal relationships. They must learn to master this trait to have long lasting relationships.


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