Puppy-Proofing Your Home

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Before introducing your Chihuahua to his new home, you must first take a few steps to ensure the safety of your new pet. Some of the necessary tasks of puppy-proofing a house or apartment are quite similar to those of expectant parents preparing their home for a baby’s arrival. Like babies, young Chihuahuas are very curious about the world around them, but they cannot discern an item of enjoyment from one of danger. For safety’s sake, you might want to pick up a baby gate, This item will come in handy for keeping your dog in a room that has been completely puppy-proofed whenever you need to be elsewhere. The best time to begin preparations for your dog’s arrival is well in advance of homecoming day. If you and other family members are currently in the habit of kicking off your shoes when you get home and leaving them by the door, this is the time for a new routine. Shoe leather can be especially useful for easing the pain of puppy teething, but a Nylabone is an extremely less expensive and more appropriate teething toy. Like young children, puppies seem to predictably put everything into their mouths. Your Chihuahua puppy can swallow any small object left in his path, and many substances can cause serious injury, or even death. Danger lurks everywhere, from the contents of your garbage can to items you might never imagine would interest your dog. Paper clips, elastics, coins, even jewelry can choke your Chihuahua or end up in his digestive tract, and unless they pass completely through, your dog will need costly surgery to remove them. Keep wastebaskets behind closed doors or out of reach until you get a sense if your dog’s tendencies. It is a good idea to place any particularly dangerous items in an outdoor trashcan. A dull razor that you or your spouse tossed away this morning could hurt your Chihuahua disatrously. I hope you enjoyed this article.


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