Peanuts corporation of america: Salmonella outbreak and Texas plant suspension

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Peanuts salmonella outbreak is still not clear with the Texas plant and products have not been recalled so you should hold off on peanuts products if you got it from the Texas plant. FDA confirmed the Georgia plant as a source for the Salmonella outbreak that caused 9 deaths and 600 people to be ill. The FDA is still waiting on the result for the Texas plant and will send out order to the branch for recall.

The FDA doesn’t have the power to recall themselves but can ask the company to recall it. They don’t know how much peanuts contaminated products are out there on the market and it you use it for your stores or restaurants you might want to hold off on it. The Texas plant is confused on whether they should continue to distribute more peanuts products as of now but I think that they shouldn’t because their products should wait until they’re certain about the safety of it. There are some companies that have stop the products while some companies are just waiting to hear from the FDA.

The Georgia plant recalled 2000 peanuts products. According to the APs, lab tests showed salmonella contamination in Texas as well. Many companies that have received peanuts products from the Texas plants are doing test on their own and keeping safe with detecting contamination on their own. The operation at the Texas plant has been suspended in the meantime. The Texas plant was not inspected until after the Georgia salmonella outbreaks. It’s good news to hear that



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