Melaka The Red City:

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Melaka was built in 1403 so it is considered as one of the oldest cities in Malaysia it was ruled by a Hindu prince from Sumatra then by occupied by portuguese and was ruled for 130 years until it was conqured by dutch in 1641 and after that by british colonels.

Melaka was also occupied by japanese in 1942 for 3 years until 1957 which the country proclaimed independance in 31th august.

Melaka Heritage city is one of the world heritag places.places such as st. Paules church beautifully built on top of a hill, the red colour Christ church, Bukit china and Stadhuys.

you may enjoy a night cruse on sungai Melaka , or take a night walk at Jackers walk in china town.

other interesting places are eye on Malaysia ,eye on melaka , mini ASEAN which represents different malaysian states architecture and housing.

you may also watch a malaysian dance performance there.

Melaka zoo is also a place worth visiting which has tiger, Girrafe, Corocodile, birds, monkey and some other intersting animals!

you may enjoy a Trishaw ride at the cost of 40 RM for an hour or rent a bicycle and go around the city.

Accomodation: there are many budget hotels ranging from 80 RM to 140 for a normal room and also 4 and 5 star hotels such as : bay view hotel, Regency, Equatorial.

Shopping : you can buy so many sovenier items from the small shops at downtown or at Jacvker’s Walk or go to the modern shopping mall : Hang Tuah Plaza at city center.

How to get there : there are buses to and from melaka / big cities in Malaysia such as: Kuala lumpur( about 15 RM) , Penang, Butterworth Johor Bahru.A travel from KL to Melaka on the bus takes about 2- 2:30 hrs.

and it takes about 7 hours from penang(about 40 RM).

The car rental price is around 50-70 RM/day for a small car (Kancil or Proton).

you may contact : Hawk Rent A- CAr 06-283 7878

there are also buses from Melaka to singapore.the journey takes about 2.30 hours.


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