Recipe For Torta di Ricotta

Here is a recipe for Torta di Ricotta which is bound to please your guests. It should be ideally combined with an Italian main course meal. An Italian dinner followed by Torta di Ricotta is the best thing one can ask for in dinner.

The ingredients you will need for making Torta di Ricotta are-

Ricotta cheese (475g)

Sugar (45ml)

Whipping cream (240ml)

Bittersweet chocolate, finely chopped (45ml)

Pie shell

Pears, peeled, halved and cored

Water (710ml)

Apricot jam (45ml)

Preparation- Ricotta cheese should be refrigerated in a strainer over night. This will remove the unwanted moisture from it. Mix ricotta cheese and one tablespoon sugar in a bowl till the mixture gets silky texture. Now, mix whipping cream and sugar in a separate bowl and then fold whipped cream into ricotta mixture along with the finely chopped chocolate. The filling is then spread into piecrust.

Now boil two cups of water along with sugar in a saucepan. Then add pears into it and cook until it turns soft and becomes dark brown. Pears are then removed and allowed to cool. Cover the entire surface of the pie with slices of the pear. Make sure that there are no gaps on the surface of the pie and it is completely covered with the pears.

Heat apricot jam along with water in another pan. Stir the mixture and cook until it turns into complete liquid and has a shiny appearance. This mixture is then gently poured over the pears on the surface of the pie. The pie will have a shiny appearance. Now put the pie in fridge for five hours.

It will be even better if you serve it with Vinsanto.

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