Friday, December 15

Bathing Your Chihuahua

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Some people may find it a bit of a struggle bathing their Chihuahua. Some try to escape, or may even seem stressed during a bath, but reading the article below might help you to make things a bit easier for you and your Chihuahua.

Firstly purchase a non slip rubber mat that you can place in the bottom of the bath (or wherever you prefer to bath them). This will give your Chihuahua a nice grip and prevent slipping.

Many dog owners prefer bathing their dogs in bath, but I find it a bit of a struggle with Chihuahuas. They are so small and the bath is kind of deep, so hanging over the bath is uncomfortable.

Here is what I do:

When it is a nice and warm day outside, I take two big buckets filled with luke warm water. It is very important that your water is not too hot and not too cold, should be perfect. One bucket is for Chihuahua to stand in while I wash him and other bucket is for when rinsing my chihuahua.

Get a few towels (depending on how many chihuahuas you have ofcourse), lay the towels down on the grass, get yourself a smaller bucket for rinsing and maybe even a little side table.

Get a very good dog shampoo purchased from your Pet Store or Vet (I prefer Ultrum Plus and Purl Shampoo).

A Smaller towel comes in handy for washing your Chihuahuas face.

Start by wetting Chihuahuas body, and then apply shampoo onto coat.

Start by washing from the neck down to the tail. Why? If you were to wash from the tail to the neck, fleas would excape by running to the face, so we start from the neck down to the tail.

Avoid getting water in their ears, as this can cause infection. You can try placing small cotton balls in their ears (not too deep though)

Talk to your Chihuahua while bathing him/her. Tell them how good they are and how pretty they look. Remember talking to them, calms them.

Using your smaller bucket, rinse with luke warm from your other big bucket. Make sure to rinse them well, and leave no shampoo behind as this can cause irretated skin or dry flakey skin.

Pick your Chihuahua up and place on a towel that you layed out on the grass. Grab another towel and start drying your little fella or girl. If it is a warm day outside, you can dry them a little, and then let them run around to air dry.

By using buckets to bath them in, they feel much safer. I experienced that when in a bath, they feel insecure.

If you are wondering how to remove tear stains beneath their eyes, simply purchase BrightEye from Vet or Pet Store. Apply to small piece of cotton, and wipe over tear stains. You will notice that as days pass, the colour will turn back to your Chihuahuas colour. No more dark tear stains.

I hope this article helped you 🙂


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