How to Increase Traffic to Your Bukisa Article

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To increase traffic to your Bukisa article.


To increase traffic to your Bukisa article is just the same as sending visitors to your blog or website.You have to persuade the search engines that your article is important and you have to let potential readers know that it is available to read.

How do search engines know that your article is important – by the number and the quality of links from other sites. How do you let readers know your article is there – by telling them…

The strategy to increase traffic basically needs a four-pronged attack.

  1. Creating links from as many good quality DoFollow sites as possible.

  2. Generating interest on social sites

  3. Bookmarking your article on social bookmarking sites

  4. Using effective keywords

Creating links to your article from DoFollow sites has the effect of increasing the ranking to your Bukisa article with search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, which in turn can increase traffic to your Bukisa article and create passive income for years to come – but how do you do this?

Using Redgage to increase traffic to your article.

At the time of writing, I have been a member of Redgage for six months. It’s quite a sociable site; members interact on a frequent basis, they leave comments, chat, and follow people…

I have linked to most of my Bukisa articles from Redgage – in fact I generally put about three links per Redgage article. Redgage is a DoFollow site and gets listed quite quickly on major search engines such as Google. The link gives good ‘juice’ to your Bukisa articles, and helps raise its prominence with search engines which increases traffic.

Using Redgage has the advantage that it gives great incoming links to boost your Bukisa article AND it increases traffic from Redgage readers – a win-win situation.

As well as providing great links and increasing traffic, I have also earned $48 from content on Redgage which is quite nice, thank you very much. This is an unexpected windfall for something initially created with the sole purpose of driving traffic to my Bukisa articles. Redgage doesn’t pay very much per unique visit, certainly not the same as Bukisa, but articles can be awarded bonuses – and there’s a daily prize draw of $25… so the site should not be ignored.

I am steadily creating links on Redgage and the traffic to Bukisa is regular. 

I have links created from articles on Associated Content, which although not high paying for non USA contributors, does give good ‘juice’ links to Bukisa.

I have links from HubPages, which give terrific ‘juice’ – some of the best ‘juice’ on the internet. Links from HubPages definitely help boost my Bukisa article rating on search engines. I’ve not managed to make much money from my HubPage articles, but they certainly help increase traffic to my Bukisa articles.

Squidoo is another article site which can help create great links and increase traffic to your Bukisa content. My Squidoo articles earn absolutely nothing, but the links help enhance my Bukisa article ranking with Google. One thing worth noting, Squidoo seems to require HTML links. There doesn’t seem to be a way of creating simple links, the way you can on other sites, but it’s worth doing for the ‘juice’ it gives.

Increase traffic to your article by using social sites.

To increase traffic to your Bukisa article, Tweet your articles on Twitter. I generally find an increase in traffic immediately after tweeting, so it’s definitely worth trying. I also put links whenever possible onto LinkedIn, which seems to generate a large spike of curiosity. As well as this I paste links into FaceBook ‘groups’ (if I can find any with related activity), although it’s worthwhile noting that Twitter and FaceBook are NoFollow sites, so no back-link ‘juice’ is to be had, just traffic.

Increase traffic to your article by using Bookmarks.

In order to maximise exposure and increase traffic for your article content, you should also be prepared to paste links into social bookmarking sites such as, Stumbleupon, Digg, and Delicious.

Increase traffic to your article by using Keywords.

Before publishing your article on Bukisa, you should always check what the relevant keywords are by checking on Google Keywords Tool. Try to include those keywords into the body of your Bukisa article at a density of about 3%.

Less than 3% is too little, yet have too much and the engines will think you’re keyword stuffing. The right level of keyword density will persuade Google etc, that your article is worth reading.

Once search engines like your article because of keywords, and once they think it is relevant because of links from other sites, they will push it to the front which will increase traffic – hey presto, job done….


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