Exercise: Time Your Work Out

Do you know, what is the best time to work out? Do you think anytime is good for exercise? Think again. Exercise offers a lot of benefit to your body but that doesn’t mean you can do it at any point of time. There are certain times that are not the best for a workout. Here are few suggestions when you can do your daily exercise.

In the morning:    Yes, This is the first thing you should do in the morning. For most of us this is the best time to work out. As you may know, exercise increases mental acuity. By training in the morning, you’ll wake up faster and be mentally alert at the crack of dawn. It’ll also give you time to plan your day effectively before getting to work.

Before Eating:   If you are trying to lose weight then this is a good time to work out.  That’s because physical activity helps to circulate blood sugar throughout the body to maintain a balance in the bloodstream. You’re more apt to feel full after a workout, which means you may eat less without the aid of a diet pill or semi-starvation.

Before Bedtime:   It is recommended that exercising at least two hours before you normally go to bed. If you’re exercising in the evening after supper, be sure to get moving well ahead of your bedtime hour. Experts recommend exercising at least two hours before you normally go to bed. That’s because sustained physical activity will release endorphins and stir blood sugar levels to provide a rush of energy and alertness that can interfere with sleep and eliminate fatigue.

You can also do some work out after a long stressful day. This will clear out your inner tension as it’ll clear your mind.  Thirty minutes session of stretching your body can revive your spirits.

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