How To Make Your Own Magnetic Energy Motor

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Everyone likes the idea of being able to produce free electricity. Everyone, of course, except the leading electric companies who wish you were reading something other than this right now. Wind power and solar power are nothing new, and it’s known that neither one can produce a significant amount of electricity. Magnets generate energy that, when harnessed by a magnetic generator, is usable in many situations.

Here you can how to build your own free electricity home generator. The magnetic power generator is closely joined to the perpetual motion device, both of these machines run on their own indefinitely and produce larger amounts of energy than they can consume. Such a device is able to operate constantly and can make more energy than it uses. The generator, once started, runs on by itself and whilst the magnets maintain their polarity, the system will never stop.

Magnetic generators are a method of creating your own power at a more reasonable price. To start up a magnetic generator, you can purchase the basic materials for under $220 at a hardware store. An additional factor to consider is that most of these generators for sale are of industrial quality and are not appropriate for home use. But you can build it in about 24 hours, or several of the bigger models over the course of one weekend. If you are concern about how much electrical power is required to be generated for your house – A house of two adults and two children living on all the normal modern appliances that a home generally has including a computer, washing machine, tumble dryer, hot water geyser etc, then you are likely to be able to reduce your electrical bills by up to 40%.

Building your own generator is actually very simple. A lot of people imagine that the diy process would be complicated, but the fact is that practically anyone is capable of constructing this device. All of them are meant to be user friendly and as easy as possible to follow. These devices vary both in power and size. To choose which one is right for your needs, you first need to decide how much power you want to generate.

The magnetic power generator has a list of benefits, which include:
It is cheap to build and even cheaper to run.
Completely safe for you and your family.
It runs all the time without interruption, supplying electricity for your home.
This environmentally friendly strategy is centered on harnessing magnetic power.

Why wait till the energy companies to catch on when you can be doing it for yourself, cheap and easy. Increasing numbers of people are concerned about the detrimental effects which non-renewable fuels have on the environment and their rising costs.


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