How To Quit Smoking For Good

As somebody that has smoked for over 17 years and managed to quit, take it from me it is possible to quit smoking. You just have to be the one that makes that final decision.

It is important to get in the right frame of mind when deciding to quit smoking. Just like a lot of things in life if you approach it totally uncommitted then you are bound to fail. I freely admit that it took me about 3 months or so before I finally smoked my last cigarette. But once I had thought about the possibility of quitting smoking I set the wheels in motion to enable me to stop for good.

It’s true to say that every time I smoked I thought about quitting. I just kept thinking about all the reason why I should stop smoking and kept repeating the thought over and over again. Picture the first time somebody starts to smoke and the coughing and spluttering that they inevitably make. It then gets you to start thinking that the body must be telling you something with this reaction to smoking.

I came to the conclusion that I was responsible for starting smoking in the first place and I was the one that could stop it too. It is alright relying on patches and gums to help you quit but at the end of the day it has to be you that does all the hard work. This is why a lot of people fail; they just do not want it hard enough and expect that these patches or gum will force them to stop on their own.

Try to Pre-quit before you have a final cigarette:

The idea to this pre-quitting before you have your final cigarette idea is to set a firm date in your mind as to when you will quit smoking and no matter what happens you must stick by that date. It could be any date whatsoever but try to avoid the Monday as this happens to be a bad day to stop for some strange reason. It may be that it is just after the weekend and just as you start your working week again. Or it could just be a very strange coincidence that it does not seem to work on a Monday!

It is possible for you to succeed and quit smoking and you will definitely feel better for it afterwards. You will definitely feel as though you have achieved something and you may also be an inspiration to other people that you know who want to quit themselves.

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