Take A Trip To The Bahamas

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A trip to the Bahamas is an ideal way to take a break from numbing daily chores and the grueling demands of business life, and to enjoy the beauty of the islands as well as take part in the engaging local culture.

The Commonwealth of the Bahamas is a group of 700 islands located between Florida and Cuba in the Atlantic. The islands are very close to Florida so one can reach them in a matter of hours from ports such as Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Culture in the Bahamas is a rich and compelling mixture of African and European influences (European settlers arrived in the islands in the mid-17th century, and the slave trade during the 18th century brought many Africans to the area)  although it is increasingly being affected by American culture by way of tourism and the western media.

Nevertheless, the culture in the Bahamas is still largely intact and unique. Their music is colorful, featuring a blend of Caribbean styles such as Calypso, Trinidadian, and Jamaican Reggae. Rap and Hip Hop, other examples of the growing influence of American culture in the islands, are also prominent musical forms. The many festivals around the islands feature this culture-rich fusion of different music forms, including the indigenous Junkanoo, which can be experienced during the festival bearing the same name.

The warm weather and abundant beaches provide a wide variety of activities around the islands. There are numerous water sports to be enjoyed such as snorkeling, diving, submarine tours, swimming with dolphins, and interesting glass bottom boat tours. One can also find in the islands some of the most beautiful golf courses.

Located only fifty miles from Florida, Nassau’s relative proximity makes it a convenient and popular island destination among visitors to the Bahamas. Aside from the fact that one can reach the particular island with relative ease, what captivates visitors is the exotic atmosphere of the island. It has a distinct British colonial heritage: people drive on the left side of the road, for example, and police officers wear British-style uniforms. The resorts and beaches, however, are tropical in style, drawing urban dwellers into a carefree, exciting, and stress-reducing experience in a distinct setting.

A vacation cruise or package tour to the Bahamas offers relaxation and plenty of adventure. Resorts and amenities in the islands are expensive but one can find good deals by shopping around or doing some research. With enough time and cash, even a short stay in the Bahamas will lead to many wonderful experiences.


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