My Online Earnings Report on Triond And Bukisa

My Online Earnings Report on Triond and Bukisa

Today is August 1, 2010.  How much money did I earn online last month? Here are the figures: on Triond/Google combined my total earnings is $161.30.  On Bukisa it is $85.14.  The total for everything for the month of July is $246.44.  Although it is not a huge amount of money, it does show that you can create a paycheck for yourself every month.  This paycheck may not be as high as if you go work outside, but it is like a nice bonus that you receive every month for doing something you love.

I have a daytime office job and writing is my hobby.  I find writing online a relaxing pastime.  How many articles do I write in a day?  Sometimes I write a couple articles , sometimes more than that if I have extra time, sometimes I can only write 1 article, and many times none! What does this show?  It just means even if you do not write everyday you can still earn more than 2 hundred dollars a month.  Of course you will reach your goals faster if you write many articles everyday, but in reality this is not always possible.  Even if I have been a member of Triond and Bukisa for over a year, I have only submitted less than 300 articles.  I prefer quality to quantity.  Readers can sense if you’re writing just for the sake of writing, or if you really have something valuable to share with them.  It’s what you’re sharing that’s important.  People with the same interests will tend to follow you.  Because of this you will gain more readers, and thus your online earnings will rise.

Hope this article has helped you!

How to Earn $200 a Month by Writing Articles on Triond And Bukisa

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