The Brilliant Power of Suggestion

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The power of suggestions is a fascinating subject, one that I have studied for many years and use in my line of work.  The mind is intriguing and the fact that we use only 10% of our brainpower leaves the door wide open to an unlimited potential of exploration and discovery of its limits.

Think back and remember what influenced you to end up where you are right now today.  Why did you choose your career?  Why do you attend the church you go to or believe the way you believe?  What causes you to exercise, eat the type of food you eat or read the books you read?    

Whom or what was your guiding light who helped you change course, point you in a direction or be the type of person you are?  Parents and family most likely, have you called them or visited lately?   

When I was a child, I remember hearing a story about two brothers, who were born and raised on a farm in the Midwest thousands of miles away from the ocean. The significant part of the story was that both boys grew up, left the Midwest and became sailors making a life and career at sea.

A study of the reasons why the brothers left the Midwest and became sailors revealed that the home they had grown up in had seascape paintings on all the walls depicting boats, ships and ocean scenes.  The constant reminder from the paintings of the mighty ocean influenced the boys in such a way that when they were old enough to leave home, they sought out the place they had dreamed and thought about all of their life, the sea.


The power of suggestions can influence our minds and is done in various ways.  Advertisers, marketing agencies and the Internet have mastered the art of suggestions that can tap into our emotions, appetite and passion.

Suggesting an idea can be subtle, up front or straight to the point obvious.  Music is very powerful, a single picture or anything that triggers any of our five senses is a suggestion and causes us to react.

A person can literally change his entire life by simply changing what he looks at, tastes, smells, hears and touches every day.

Planting an idea

The key to planting an idea is to plant it in such a way that the person believes that it is his own idea.

If you tell a person what to do, how to feel or what to believe, that person, and most people, will resist.  However, when they believe it is their own idea than that idea becomes very powerful.

Idea planting can be as simple as a catchy tune, a likeable personality or inanimate thing that touches or pulls at our senses and causes us to believe we cannot live without that product, and that it was our idea to buy it.  


A person can watch, hear or repeat something until it sinks into the subconscious mind, and they believe it.  In other words, if you tell yourself something long enough, whether it is a positive or negative thing your mind will be set in motion toward the direction of that suggestion and eventually believed or accomplished.  

Prisoners in jail think about their crimes, talk about how they did not do it, and convince themselves that they are not at fault.  This is why when you ask most convicted criminals about their sentence they will tell you they are not guilty or were framed and they honestly believe it.

Exposing yourself to something long enough will eventually become your world and part of your personality.


If you look at my article, I wrote it using the power of suggestions.   The title has the words, “Brilliant” and “Power” in it, which are key words that attract people like you who are in their own right, brilliant and powerful.  If you do not believe that, then keep telling yourself repeatedly that you are and see what happens.

The descriptive overview section obviously suggests you have advanced intelligence and are able to understand and grasp this concept easily.  I honestly believe that as you read my article you already knew these things and that this is nothing new to you.

Sharing this article with your friends is a way you can prove that the power of suggestions is truly a force that works and influences us every day.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article, I look forward to your comments.

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