Unusual Vacations

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Many people go vacation for two main purposes – being active or relaxing. Active vacations give people the opportunity to experience different activities that aren’t accessible to many during their everyday lives. The opposite purpose of a vacation is to relax and unwind, either abroad or within the same country of your residence. This is where you can spend your day sunbathing at the beach, beside the pool of your hotel, or find a spa treatment that suits you.

However, if you don’t like either of these vacations, there are other options. A variety of unusual breaks are available for people that want a unique experience when they go on vacation. Below are examples of vacations with a difference.

If you have been hooked by shows such as ‘Most Haunted’ and want to witness paranormal activity firsthand, there are a range of attractions that will give you the vacation of your dreams. Haunting Breaks are located across the UK and Europe and offer a full paranormal investigation, giving you complete access to all equipment used in the experiment. After your break, you will be able to download all images captured during your investigation to show your family and friends this life changing event. Each location is specifically chosen as Haunting Breaks want to offer you the most haunted locations across Europe and the UK.

Another unusual vacation that is perfect for horse lovers is Outlaw Trails. Spending 4-7 hours on a horse each day, Outlaw Trails offer great expeditions and old-time pack trips. You will be based on real ranches in the USA, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentine. This vacation gives you the chance to travel through the deep wilderness over a variety of terrains. Whether you go on this journey alone or with a large group, Outlaw Trails will prepare an unique vacation which suits your needs.

There are many unusual vacations available throughout the world which suit what you call “the perfect vacation”.


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