The Secrets of Making Money With Penny Stocks – Part II

1.     Discover under-valued stocks using PSL, a key factor in determining which stocks were about to move.

2.     Maximize profits and potential gains by creating an algorithm that utilizes PSL to identify and predict human behavior and its influence on a winning stock.  

3.     Create an algorithm that could help analyze the PSL of a given stock.

4.     Combine PSL with 4 variables and learn the bullish trading pattern.

5.     Develop a working algorithm that when applied, predicts solid gains.

6.     Initially test the strategy for 30 days for any gain in any trades.

7.     Apply this strategy in a place that PSL plays the biggest role in discovering winning stocks?

8.     Switch the strategy (PSL) to micro-cap stocks (since it plays a big role there) and achieve greater gains than the big-board stocks.  

9.     Invest your profits from each trade to the next.

10.            Learn about limiting orders, so as to execute the same in your trading account automatically. This is putting trading on autopilot.

11.            Big indexes on a downward trend bring big gains.

12.            A recession in “big” stock indexes is a positive factor in the micro cap sector because when the big indexes aren’t doing well, investors focus on penny stocks.

13.            Large cap stocks have difficulty correcting from  negative trend while micro-cap stocks are more independent of overall market conditions.

14.            Liquidity is more in the micro cap sector.

15.            More liquidity means more profits for micro cap traders.

16.            A struggling economy is a positive sign of big gains for micro cap traders.

17.            Calculated risks maximize gains and minimize losses.

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