What you need to set up a website

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To set up a website the first thing you will need is an idea of what you want to design.

Once you are satisfied with your idea, you need to either build the website using various software such as Dreamweaver, or simple HTML in notepad depending on your level of understanding of web design or use an online tool to the build the site for you. (More on this below)

You will now need to rent some online space you can get this from a number of different company’s called webhosts such as HostGator. There will be different packages available cheaper ones for personal low volume sites , medium ones and large ones for bigger commercial sites. It all depends on how much space you plan on using.

Once you have your webspace you need to think of a name for your site such as www.nameofmysite.com you will need to register this also in most cases you need to renew this every year.

As I mentioned above you can use online tools to design your website, some hosts provide extra software (most for free) when you rent webspace from them, depending on the package it can include web statistics such as views per day/month year among other interesting bits of information, software for designing websites, content management softwaresuch as Joomla (allows web design with basic knowledge of web design) amongst others, I myself have my sites hosted on the above mentioned webhost Hostgator and found the software they supplied (all of the above and more) very helpful in designing and managing my sites.

Once your site is up you will be able to make changes to it as you wish using software provided or by simply uploading updated versions of the site and overwriting what is currently there (always keep a backup incase you make a mistake).

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