Student Life: How to Deal With Bad Landlord

Living far away from home is not easy. When you move to a new city to attend a university, the first thing that you have to do is finding a good place to live. It is lucky if you have a honest landlord, but if you meet a bad landlord who always ask you not to invite friends to your room, reduce using electricity while you are not use the electric items too much or going to increase the renting fee. What do you need to do to deal with him?

Firstly, the bad landlords know that you are a young student who are lack of experience. They will try to threaten you and they think that you will be afraid of them because you are living in their home. Then they will do whatever they like. So, to deal with them, you have not to be afraid of them. You are living in their home, but you pay them money to have a right to do it and further more, you are their customer. You have a legal right to live in their house and you can argue with them if you feel that you do not like something.

The second, the bad landlords will think that it is hard to find another room to rent in this city, so you will have to stand with them to focus on your studying course. To deal with them, you need to know that it is not too hard to find another room to move if you want. You can check the internet, ask your friends or ask you school to have an advise. Besides, they will not be able to ask you move out immediately. They have to notice you at least one month if they want you to move out of their house. You will have enough time to find another room to rent.

The third, before moving in a new room, you need to read carefully the contract and discuss with the landlord about the contract. The more convenience details the contract contain, the more change for you to win the landlord when you need to argue with him.

Student life is a good environment for you to practice as a real adult. You will meet many difficulties, the bad landlord is one of them. You have to face him and pass him by yourself and you will become a truly man.

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